Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Angels are Rejoicing

The blogging angels that is. For a new sister has come into the fold of bloggers. Please welcome Shannon!! And Matt.....we'll actually see how much he blogs. Let us surround her with love and encouragement through comments so that she will have the faith and courage to stay on the narrow path and blog EVERY day to please her readers. Amen.

P.S. I'll post the link to the news story when it's online. I didn't look fat and I didn't hate my voice! Good job Chellie! And Charlie even made it on the the background that is!


Chellie said...

Well, it looks like it won't be posted.. can't really go into the reasons why but tell your fans I'm sorry.

lauren and brad said...

HOORAY for Shanny!

BOO for no post of interview! I missed it!

Walt & Saundra said...

I wanna see it too!! Are you and Lauren up for visiting us on Friday? I must warn you, Hannah and I both have snotty nose colds. We will try not to share them, but if Ben is as into putting everything in his mouth as Hannah's inevitable. That said, let me know if you guys, or just you, want to come see the new house!

Matt and Shannon said...

Thanks for the encouraging prayer...i guess you will have to be my blog accountability partner :)

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