Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Look Back

I did this in September and it was fun so I am doing it again but for this month. To go back and read any of these posts just click on the correct month and year from the blog archive drop down menu on the right. According to this blog 3 years ago this month:

  • The world's ugliest dog died (what's weird is that the 2008 ugliest dog died this month too)
  • Ryan and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving together in TN
  • We had a date at Cantina Laredo which had just opened and saw Walk the Line
  • I went to the voodoo dentist
  • I put myself on the waiting list for James Frey's A Million Little Pieces
  • Erin and Celeste came to visit me!
  • I was introduced to Stampin' Up!

According to this blog 2 years ago:
  • We were in TN for Thanksgiving again but this year I found out my Poppy gave electro-shock therapy to people in insane asylums a long time ago
  • We walked down Beale Street
  • We decided to start looking for a house
  • Lo and I learned about the Cook Islands
  • I thought I was being robbed but it was just Ryan
According to this blog 1 year ago:
  • Ben was born!! I can't believe that was a whole year ago!
  • I made my fist gingerbread house at Michelle's g-parents
  • We spent Thanksgiving with the Clarks
  • Ryan burped in Charlie's face and she threw up
  • I took embarrassing Xmas photos of Charlie and Lexie
  • I chopped my hair off
  • I had a stand off with a camel cricket (I did that today as well..some things never change)
  • Charlie went to the dog park for the first time and failed
  • We were Wendy and Dave
And by looking back I realize we missed Ryan's dad's birthday again this year. We still love you Rick!! Hope you had a good birthday!!


lauren and brad said...

I love these look backs!

Aren't you so glad you have a "record" of your amazing life????

See you later today! Can't wait to DECORATE! PAR-TAY!

kmom said...

It is a good thing Rick has 2 daughters, a good wife, and 2 living parents. Hope you sent Rick an e-mail card. Happy Birthday, Rick!

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