Monday, November 03, 2008

Before and After: The Veranda

We like to call the study the veranda. Why? For the same reason I call my husband Bubby. Because I can! This is the best shot I have of the before: a not too exciting shot of hunter green walls and computer desk. These are the newly painted walls, a similar color but different. Eventually we will have a nice TV in here . Now the computer stuff is hidden away behind doors and I have a comfy couch to read on.I need to hang something above the couch. I guess you could call it a media room but I like the word veranda.

P.S. I hope you all exercise your freedom to vote tomorrow! Here's a good fact checking article about many myths in this campaign, for both sides.


jlair said...

LOVE the veranda. You are so talented Miss Katie!!

kmom said...

Is the computer in the tall cabinet?

Erin Cornell said...

I love that color!!! Great job - it looks so comfy!

lizcannon said...

il ike that color b/c it reminds me of a shirt i have :) good job, super cute!

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