Monday, November 10, 2008

It never fails

When you wash your car, it rains the next day or you are parked under a tree with 1000 pooping birds. And when you spend all Saturday afternoon raking your backyard and cutting down limbs, a storm comes and completely covers your yard back up with freshly fallen leaves and sticks. Thanks mother nature. Charlie was a big helper though. She liked to help carry sticks to our fire pit and lay in the leaves. The ones she's laying in in the pic are just from our back porch alone.


kmom said...

Thankfully Charlie likes to help and is good at it. It is actually easier to rake up 1/2 as many leaves than twice as many leaves, so your raking Saturday saved you some time and energy even though it doesn't seem like it. Charlie is so cute and takes such good pictures. Have you been on TV yet?

Anonymous said...

Such a cute puppy. And what a big helper. Sort of like having a 2 year old around to help. See you in a few days. Mom I

Leslie said...

it's FALL!

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