Sunday, November 09, 2008

Laughing til your face hurts

Sorry no pics to go along with this post but I have had one super fun weekend thanks to some great friends.
  • Friday lunch with Lauren and Ben & Michelle and Coop
  • Shopping at thrift stores and the Rink with Lo
  • Craft night with church friends until midnight (got most of Xmas cards done)
  • Saturday was yard work with the hubby and a trip to Sonic
  • Saturday night at Kelsey's for dinner to catch up with some old college girlfriends and laughed so hard I might have burned off all the calories I ate. It was so much fun and I definitely hadn't laughed that hard in a LONG time. I miss Ole Sal. She's crazy hilarious.
  • Sunday Thanksgiving lunch at church and I was definitely being thankful for my friendships.


kmom said...

Thanks for your frequent posts. Glad you are having fun and getting lots done too.

Kassi said...

Do you still order grilled cheese from Sonic?

Ryan and Katie said...

Um yeah of course I's only my fav food ever!

lizcannon said...

1. i love the Rink, i swear if i lived there still i would ONLY shop there, but i think i'd end up with like 30 sets of those canisters that hold sugar, flour, and coffee, i love those things.
2. i am glad you are friends with my cousin!
3. i love sonic!

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