Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More proof that the world does in fact revolve around me

Growing up in a small town it wasn't uncommon to run into people you know. In fact it would be uncommon to go somewhere and not know everyone in the room. However I forget sometimes that I live in a big city now whose population in the metro area is over 1 million people. And I have constantly been running into random people I know lately. At the voting polls a lady I worked with at Sams 6 yrs ago was voting there too, and today on the highway a guy I used to work with at Wesnidge was in a delivery truck beside me. And neither of those places were near the jobs I used to have. I have also seen the guy who worked in the deli at Sams walking down the street by the church a few times. It kinda feels like the Truman Show sometimes. Anway does this happen to anyone else who lives in a large city? If not then I have no choice but to conclude the world might in fact revolve around me.


jlair said...

I started experiencing a bit of Oklahoma City small worldness right before I moved. The most notable was subbing at Monroe. The principal and I played soccer against each other at Hat Trick. Crazzzy!!

I didn't know you worked at Sams..

Anonymous said...

As long as Rys world revolves around you, that's all that matters. Mom I

Erica said...

Katie, the other day in the Madrid airport, I ran into a Scottish girl that is working as an auxiliar like me. Imagine running into a friend in the country's capital...largest city in Spain, I do believe.

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