Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Politics according to Katie

Here's the way I see it:
Some Christians vote Republican and some Christians vote Democrat
Some college educated people vote Democrat and some college educated people vote Republican
Some rich people vote Republican and some rich people vote Democrat
Some poor people vote Democrat and some poor people vote Republican
Democrats have been in office before and the world has turned
Republicans have been in office before and the world has turned
Democrats have caused scandals
Republicans have caused scandals
Good, intelligent, ethical people vote for both parties.
People you are friends and family with vote for both parties.
Neither of these men is evil.
Neither of these men will have sole power once in office.
No one should be "scared" of who gets into office.
Will the person you or I voted for let us down at some point? Yes
Will the person you or I voted for always have 100% approval rating? No

I hope you voted today and I hope you made the best educated decision that you could. I hope you tried to listen to both sides of the argument and got your information from a variety of sources. I hope you checked the facts you heard from campaigns and the gossip you heard in your emails. I hope you realize whoever is elected will do their best and that you won't always agree with them even if they are the person you voted for. I hope you will respect others for their opinions and realize you can't change their mind and they can't change yours. And if you think you can do a better job than whoever gets elected this year, then maybe you can try running in 2012!

Check out this adorable video and how kids in Atlanta learned about politics. I love it!


kmom said...

Great video!

Nick and Benay Fossey said...

amen sister. i'm sick of people acting like the president has supreme power or something.

Leslie said...

is it weird to have a news-crush on brian williams? he's just so charming and funny (and was great on snl).

sent your youtube link to my little sis! she'll get a kick out of it! v.cute.

p.s. i'd wear a button that says "politics according to katie"

**only 95 more for obama and 200 more for mccain (realtime quote).

lizcannon said...

first off: how can 7th graders be cooler than me?

and i second leslie: i would also wear a button that says "politics according to katie"

lauren and brad said...

Cutest video ever. I love this...and I love your views. Everyone needs to be a little less hateful, a little more accepting and a little more open-minded.

I'm so stealing this video...I love it!

devon lorraine ... said...

hi katie, i linked to this post from lo's. thanks for telling people it isn't necessary to be 'scared.'

i want all kids to go to the academy that the kids in the video are from. priceless.

Lane Adair said...

you're so cool katie. I love those kids! It makes me proud to be a middle school teacher =) maybe I should move to atlanta, though

Shawn and Becky said...

Well put . . very well put!

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