Wednesday, November 05, 2008

When in about crafts

I can't even discuss today or the ridiculous comments that I have heard. So instead I will post some of my favorite crafty websites. This year in tutoring the kids have an hour of computer/craft time and an hour of homework/tutor time. There are crafts that are always available for them to do and then I try to have one or two special ones each week. Lately they have been holiday oriented. My favorite sites that I check for ideas are:

The Crafty Crow

Skip to My Lou

Currently Crafting

They have some really creative stuff on these (not always best for group projects but stuff I would want to do myself) and I always need ideas! So my question to you is do you read any "craft" blogs and if so what are they?

P.S. Speaking of crafts....craft night at church is this Friday. Bring something to work on and join us!


Becky Welch said...

I need a craft night. I wish I could make it to OC!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there to have fun at craft night with you. I assume the 'comments" your talking about are political in nature. They're flowing around here too. I think they're speaking out of fear of the unknown, so we need to remind them that God is still on His throne, so we have nothing to fear. We just need to pray for the new president whether we voted for him or not. We'll see you guys in a couple of weeks. I can't wait. Love ya, Mom I


I want to start scrapbooking the girls baby books. I wish I could come on Friday! I could use some inspiration. =) Love you.

Leslie said...

Advice sounds so much more credible when it comes directly from a mom, doesn't it? :)

I'm into way too many craft blogs (thanks a ton for adding more to my list, darn it! jk), so here's just one for you. i'll be back to add more in the future.

Rachael W. said...

I love craft blogs. They are actually the reason I started blog jogging. Here are some of my favorites. Mod Podge Rocks, I love this one because Mod Podge does rock. And she scours the internet for really neat ideas. Pretty Partridge, more fab ideas. U Create is also wonderful. And my own blog, but there's only one craft on at the moment because I just started blogging and haven't put up too many pics yet. But if you'd like to drop by it's Fly-By Crafter.

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