Thursday, December 04, 2008

And the birthday fun continues!

  1. Sunday was my real birthday which was spent in a car all day
  2. Monday my co-workers and I went to Cattleman's to celebrate me. Yum!!!
  3. Pam and Shannon got me presents to add to my antique collections
  4. Tuesday another co-worker bought me birthday lunch at Braums
  5. Lo and Ben visited me at work to bring me presents but the best present was seeing Benbo WALK into my office. He couldn't do that the last time I saw him! Craziness.
  6. Tuesday night my Bible study friends surprised me with cupcakes and brownies
  7. Wednesday a church member took the ladies out to lunch at Junior's. Yumm! Not really for my birthday but I will count it anyway
  8. Last night I came home after a 12 hour day to a nice bath made by my hubby and my present finally came in the mail!! Drum roll please...........It's a Serta memory foam matress topper and pillows!!! I was so surprised!! It may sound boring to you but I really did want one especially after house sitting for Matt and Shannon. It is airing out in our guestroom right now bc it smells when you open it and has to air out for 24 hours. So hopefully tonight I will get to sleep on it!!!
Thanks to all who made this a great birthday week! Now I must finish decking our halls and getting my table set for Christmas card extravanganza. My cards hopefully will go out by the first of next week with most of them assembled by tomorrow morning! I have big goals in life.

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Young Fam said...

just wanted to say hi and i miss you

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