Sunday, December 14, 2008

Done her in? Whatever does it mean?

To quote Eliza Doolittle, this week has "done me in." It's the new small talk. I have had fun but after Bunco, Elf party, and the progressive dinner, I have continued to feel progressively worse. It's either a nasty cold or something to do with allergies since I bagged 7 bags of leaves on Friday with the help of my neighbor's handy dandy leaf vacuum. I will post about the fun parties later. Right now I am thinking how blessed I am to be in my home. If you remember this time last year we were out of power for 10 days due to the ice storm that tragically killed our fish and made Maggie the magnolia tree look asymmetrical in an unfashionable way. So I figured it's time for one of those look back things I like to do. According to this blog in the month of December:

3 years ago
  • I talked Ryan into cutting my hair. The next professional who cut my hair laughed at how uneven it was. I wore it curly mostly.
  • We celebrated our very first Christmas together.
  • I found out I was going to be an aunt (it was Hazel!)
  • I found out I had to have my wisdom teeth out
  • My troll nativity made it's debut in OKC
2 years ago
  • We celebrated Xmas in Michigan
  • We saw the Festival O' Lights in Chickasha with Nate and Janine
  • Ryan had to break into our apartment bc we were locked out
  • I celebrated my bday in Bricktown with friends
1 year ago
  • We were living at the Barnes house for 10 days while we were out of power
  • I got my lappy!!!
  • We celebrated Xmas in Henderson and it was the last time I got to see my grandmother
  • I read all the Harry Potter books
  • I started my weilware collection
  • Someone kicked in our front door.
Anyway hopefully I will get all better this week so I can love on my nieces and nephews without spreading germs. For fun list one thing you were doing the last 3 years this month in the comment section....come on, don't make me twist your arm.


Katie Bl said...

3 yrs ago: delivered Christmas presents to foster care kids while working at DHS in OKC
2 yrs ago: we had an international party where each person in my family cooked something from a different country and I celebrated my last Christmas with my dad
1 yr ago: I spent my first Christmas without the fam and my sister came to Japan

Matt and Shannon said...

3 yrs ago: I graduated from OC with a degree in Biology.

2 yrs ago: Matt and I went on a Christmas cruise with his family to Mexico.

1 yr ago: Our power went out for about 5 days, then we moved to your house and made yours go out for 10 days, then we lived together at Brennon's house and made beautiful ginger bread houses!!

jlair said...

last year at this time I was graduating...AGAIN. it was fantastic.

Leslie said...

Had first set of holidays with Hudson!

Leslie said...

certainly does not beat getting the front door kicked in.

Shawn and Becky said...

1 year ago – we found out we were pregnant! 2 years ago - we went to Washington and had a surprise party for my dad’s 50th. 3 years ago – first year out of school and without a ‘Christmas break’ . . . bummer.

Anonymous said...

This is sad. I have no clue! I need to keep a journal/blog.

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