Sunday, December 21, 2008

Elf the Twelfth

Tired of chicken videos yet? I'm back with more holiday fun and thanks to my friends who posted pics on their blogs and facebook I can show you the fun that was the Elf Party (but for real girls email me the big jpgs). This was last Friday night. Allison, Shannon, Brooklyn, Erin and Erin came over to decorate ginger bread houses or sleighs and then we watch the best Christmas movie ever...Elf!!Shannon was my special helper because a) she wanted to be and b) she is a perfectionist whose skills on her own house would've made the evening last forever but when used on my house resulted in a masterpiece. Here we are making a mess of the dining room. This might be the only time I have sat at this table all year. Allison and her edible sleigh and Brooklyn and her rainbow roof. The Erins with their ginger house (you can see the troll nativity in the background) And here is mine and Shannon's abode. Charlie wanted to move in immediately but it is not enough square footage for her. She's so needy. It was a lot of fun. Thanks girls for a wonderful party! And remember the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!!

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