Monday, December 01, 2008

The Holiday Tri-fecta*

Get ready for an enormous amount of holiday fun. I almost broke this into 3 posts because I thought you may not be able to handle this many festivities in one post, but I have faith in you readers so here goes.....Here is the fam around the Thanksgiving table on Thursday. The crowd was a bit small this year bc my cousins were in Alabama and my Poppy was with his special lady friend. We still managed to stuff our faces and have a glorious thankful time. On Friday we celebrated my birthday early with more family, Poppy, Erin and Celeste. This just so happens to be the ugliest and most delicious cake my mommy has ever made me. She gave up on the decorating after unsuccessfully making 4 K's I think.Then I opened presents and cards. Joe half wrapped mine in bday paper and Xmas paper. I opened it and I'll give you one guess as to what was inside......You're right! Crocs! Charlie immediately became suspicious bc she knows I loathe theme. But since they are a gift I promised to wear them, but NOT in public , only around the house. At least they are a good color. And here are my beautiful besties and me with our oily shiny skin. And P.S. where are my eyelashes?? So much for 24 hour mascara. Anyway I always have fun catching up with these 2 and I hate leaving them every time.This was an attempt to get us all in a photo. Someone's eyes were closed in every one I think. On Saturday we celebrated Christmas since we will be in Oregon for that holiday. But first I went over to see Celeste's fam. Wes brought Celeste her Xmas present early...Her name is Maggie. She is soooo cute and chubby!! Then I went home to help trim the tree. Mom is a bit anal about the lights so she got to do that job alone. Then we opened presents with the immediate fam. You can already see the double chin effect all the food has had on Ryan and I.Joe flaring his nostrils at the curiousity of my gift and Amy looking cute. Charlie being festive in her gay apparel of a holiday bow. And Poppy having no idea I was taking his picture in this ridiculous hat. He'd make a good elf. Mom and dad opening presents. And then on Sunday we headed back to OKC after church. I spent my whole 26th birthday pretty much in a car. But at least I was with the ones I love: Ryan Charlie and my Oprah DVD's. I hope all of you had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving holiday as I did! Thank you family for making my stay thrice the holiday!

*I think tri-fecta is my second favorite word; the first of course is smorgasboard.


Chellie said...

That first pic of you Ryan and Charlie would make a great Christmas card!!

Miranda said...

I love that Joe got you crocs! What a great Brother in law to be!! Just wait...he'll get your kids all of the toys you won't buy! (experiencing this now...) Looks like you had a great Holiday tri-fecta! Happy late Birthday!

kmom said...

Your computer comes in handy on trips. Looks like your pic of us 3 had my eyes open. Love you!

Becky Welch said...

You are always so funny!! I love reading your posts! Anyway, it was good to see you for a little while at church. I still want to pick your brain about children's ministry ideas for Henderson!! Email me (it's on my profile).

Kira said...

FUN! Thanksgiving, Christmas & Birthday WOW! I would never want to leave the weekend.

I had problems with all of my pics from Thanksgiving too.

And good for you, you look super tall in the family photo.

Leslie said...

crocs = HA!!!!
bday+christmas paper = booooo.

as a dec baby, i've grown to not see the humor in combos. so, boooo. :)

v.cute family pics!

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