Friday, December 05, 2008

I see a theme occurring

And the theme is lists! What a great theme to have! Thanks to this new foam topper I'm finding it hard to get out of bed today and thus I will enlighten you with yet another tagging. And since I don't want to get out of bed anytime soon I will do some pre-post lists of My Christmas Wish List, Things I Need According to Google, and The Reasons I Don't Have Time for You Right Now. Check back daily!! Todays' list though is due to another tagging. These things have been running rampant which is good bc I've been lacking creativity lately. Thanks Chellie (from KFOR...yes that's her real voice!) Here goes nothing

8 Shows I watch
1. The Office
2. Private Practice
3. 30 Rock--lately and it's hilarious
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Pushing Daisies
6. Lost--when it comes back on
7. Ellen--on Fridays
8. Antiques Roadshow

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Steak-n-Shake
2. Sophabella's
3. Coit's
4. Poblano's
5. Cattleman's
6. Iron Star
7. The Wedge
8. Saturn Grill

8 Things That Have Happened Today (this will be hard since I'm still in bed)
1. I woke up
2. Ate lucky charms
3. Pet the dog
4. Watched Grey's online
5. Called the church to make sure all my rooms would be locked so evil boy scouts can't ruin things during their lock in tonight
6. Had a long conversation with a worried tutoring parent
7. Looked out the window
8. Thought about how I was supposed to have my Christmas cards done by now

8 Things I look forward to (I'm thinking short term)
1. Getting out of bed
2. Christmas
3. Christmas chaos to be over
4. Making a gingerbread house
5. Going to Oregon
6. Sleeping on this foam mattress again tonight....or this afternoon
7. Going on a date
8. Getting Ryan an ugly sweater for the party

8 Things I wish for
1. Wisdom
2. Patience
3. Understanding
4. Peace
5. Unity
6. Leadership
7. Contentment
8. For Bratz dolls to never be sold again (check that one off the list! My wishes are coming true!)

8 People I Tag
1. Laura
2. Lauren
3. Kassi
4. Rachel H.
5. Michelle
6. Saundra
7. Sally--Hey what better time than now to start a blog?!
8. Wendy


trish said...

oh my gosh I am counting down the days til Lost is back on...I have been in withdrawl!

Blair and Rachel said...

Me too!

And I thought you liked Taco Bell as in favorite restaurant?!?

Ryan and Katie said...

Oops I did. I did it on purpose to see who noticed. JK I don't consider it a restaurant's my home.

kmom said...

The top 7 things you wish for will more likely be obtained through daily Bible reading, daily prayer, and daily helping others. It is a continual process or goal. It is not easy to practice one's own advice.

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