Monday, December 08, 2008

Katie Needs....*

I know what you are thinking, "Katie you already did a Christmas list, I can't possibly read more about what you want for Christmas!" But friends those were WANTS and I am talking about NEEDS. As in I HAVE TO HAVE TO SURVIVE ANOTHER DAY!! Some people might turn to their religious faith in times like these and seek guidance from heavenly realms. Others will look to science and technology which is why I am choosing to google what I need (I stole this idea from another blog from SITS). I simply typed in "Katie needs" into google search and came up with these:
  1. KATIE NEEDS HULA LESSONS!!! (and it was typed in capitals just like that so I'm pretty sure I need a trip to Hawaii stat!)
  2. Katie needs IV fluids. (I guess the trip to Hawaii must come after a trip to the ER)
  3. Katie needs a blog (I already have one google-duh!)
  4. Katie "needs to be on her own" (hmm I'm not sure what the quotations mean so I will google that later)
  5. Katie needs YOU (I'll agree with that google)
  6. KATIE NEEDS KISSES (True True, Yes daily from Ryan and Charlie)
  7. Katie needs our thoughts and prayers (wow google really is good at this)
  8. Katie needs a loving home! (check that off the list)
  9. Katie needs to tidy up, serious! (ok ok I'll quit pre-posting and get out of this comfy bed)
  10. Katie needs to think before she speaks (indeed, this is very true)
  11. Katie needs a celebration (well my birthday one did last for a week but if google says it's time for another one then I'll allow it)
  12. Katie needs to go (where? Hawaii for hula lessons? Ok!)
Wow. The wisdom of google. I never cease to be amazed. Now you try it and type in the comments what you need.

*This is meant to be a sarcastic post, just for fun, and I really do not feel that you should use google as a deciding factor for important things in your life...except for your celebrity gossip news of course. You really should use the Holy Bible...not for the gossip thing though bc I'm pretty sure God's against that.


jlair said...

one thing you don't need - a sense of humor...cause you're loaded "wit" it!

LOVED the disclaimer.

And Merry Christmas! I hope all of your wants and NEEDS come true!

penguinsandladybugs said...

I love the disclaimer at the end. I haven't googled what I need in a long time....must check that out. Over from SITS--congrats on being saucy!

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