Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

These are some things I have on my list for Ryan to peruse so he doesn't have to guess what I want for Christmas, although he is usually pretty good at it (after all I am still on this foam mattress and it is the afternoon--remember this is pre-posted). Things on his list include "I just want money" which makes the gift of giving completely un-fun when you already share a bank account. I've managed to find 2 things I think he will like or can at least pretend to so I can feel good about myself. Anyway here is my list:
  1. A sewing machine--although this will cut down on the "friend time" I get to spend with Shanny. AND it means I will have to learn to do the backs of baby blankets all on my own OR that Ryan will have to learn how to help me which seems doubtful.
  2. Books-specifically Cringe and Things I Learned About My Father in Therapy which are both by bloggers I read. And of course anything by Salinger.
  3. A pretty mailbox
  4. Cute socks
  5. A maid to dust, do floors, and clean bathroom once a month
  6. Craft card making supplies
  7. Card making idea book
  8. reusable grocery bags
  9. 2009 calendar pages to put on the calendar I made
  10. weilware
  11. for our cars to be thoroughly detailed inside
  12. a jewelry armoire that isn't ugly
I think I've been a good enough girl to get a few of these. Now does anyone have any ideas on how to make wrapping money that you already have fun?

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