Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Until Further Notice

So my card reader along with camera card are MIA and I am NOT happy (insert angry emoticon here). I'm hoping so badly that it is in my office bc Ryan and I both searched the house. It has photos on it from the past few months that mostly I hadn't downloaded yet. I hate losing things. I mean really hate losing things. I get so worked up and have to convince myself that someone stole it or I can't rest. I have had to do this with a few things in my life and as ridiculous as it sounds....it's the only thing that works. So until the card is found or I've rested in the fact knowing that someone stole it, no more fun posts of Christmas parties (insert your sad emoticon here).


A2ZTur-bus said...

This kills me too. My camera was stolen after leaving it outside of the OC apts. We lost Avery's 9-11 month pics :( We've also had our computer crash before I moved some pics to the external hard drive so lost several there too.

Hopefully people can send you a lot of their pics. I need posts from you though! So don't get too depressed!!!

kmom said...

So very, very sorry. Hope your missing items show up. I don't like it when you are upset. Sorry I am not there to help you hunt. Have you searched your cars? Love you.

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