Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fiction might be better

I really am at a blogging road block. Back in the days of required journaling in school I frequently wrote fictitious entries for the assigned titles. The teachers loved them and rarely knew if they were true or not. I'm thinking of starting to do that on the blog. It might make things more interesting, because right now this is all the excitement going on in my life:
1. It's a lazy Saturday
2. I'm not really motivated to do anything
3. I did at least shower
4. Charlie is snuggled next to me with a bad case of dandruff
5. I ate cheerios and a granola bar
woohoo! Real exciting huh? We did go see Slumdog Millionaire last night. Great movie. Everyone should go see it. It's rated R but I don't recall why. Maybe a bit of violence. The next post will be more interesting but I can't promise it will be non-fiction :)


Anonymous said...

Laura just told me that she saw Slumdog Millionaire last night too. You guys will have to compare notes. Would I like it? Mom I

lauren and brad said...

i'm very impressed with the granola bar eating. :) that must have taken some effort!

Young Fam said...

funny, so after talking to you, Friday Cooper woke up sick...and it got worse and worse, then it got better for 28 hours...then he got sick again, and now he and his daddy are both sick and have been in bed in 8...good thing we didn't schedule lunch friday!

kmom said...

If you make up stuff, I hope you will clue us in at the end that it might not be true. Maybe makeup a dream you had or something Charlie did. Tell stuff like when she ran in her sleep. Did you have a friend tape the bit when you were on TV? The word for me to type in is "bummight." Ryan has not blogged in awhile. Since the Lord rested on the 7th day of creation, and under the Old Testament Law, the people were to rest on the Sabbath, we need to rest up, so we have energy to worship and serve Him and write creative blogs to entertain and enlighten others.

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