Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year, New Lesson

Before I post the multitude of holiday photos in Oregon I just wanted to share with you a special lesson we learned while flying: you cannot take pneumatic staple guns in your carry on luggage. We weren't really surprised to learn this but apparently Ryan's dad made it through before with it and wasn't stopped. Also without an air compressor it's worthless as a weapon (unless you want to bludgeon someone and you can do that with lots of things).

So we had already checked one bag in Ryan's name (FYI if you didn't know it costs money to check any baggage now...yet another reason to never check) that was a present for Matt from his mom. So I said well I'll leave my luggage with you and take the contraband back to the check in counter and check it in, in my name. Problem was there was a HUGE line and after waiting in it I was told I was boarding in less than 45 min so they refused to check anything for me. I had no idea if I should just throw the stapler away or what and had no way of contacting my husband whose cell phone was dead and was waiting on the other side of security. I asked a lovely TSA officer who led me to the downstairs luggage holding area where they would hold my contraband for a fee of $5. So I did that and then re-went through security and we called Ryan's aunt who lives in Portland to ask if she would pick it up for us. She was so gracious to pick it up and then she even mailed it to us (which we feel horrible about, Aunt Debby, we just meant for you to hold on to it or give it to Rick) SOOOOO the lesson learned is no air compressed tools in your carry on. It better recover my dining room chairs with perfection for all the trouble it's already been!


KGW said...

Just visiting from SITS. Good luck with your dining room chairs!

kmom said...

When the dining room chairs were done before, we used a regular staple gun with no air compressor. Does that thing make it much easier? Dad was stapling and I was holding the material.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Thanks for the visit...and Happy New Year!

just the five of us said...

Visiting from SITS. Airplane security is such a pain!! I hope you have a fantastic New Year!

Heather said...

Ah, the joys of flying in the modern era... :P

Popping in from SITS; you have a lovely blog! I love meeting new (to me) bloggers!

All the best wishes for 2009 - Cheers!

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