Saturday, January 03, 2009

An Oregon Christmas

Once again they are mostly of nieces and nephews but who wants to see pictures of a bunch of grown ups? We had a great White Christmas that melted in the rain a few days after we arrived.Nolan learning about structural engineering with one of his presents. George already winning over the ladies with his Christmas present. FYI after seeing a Faith Hill video, 5 year old George asked his mom if she "could die so that lady could be his mommy." Ryan and I are such posers. But we're good at it.Dawn, Gano, and Jack invited us over for a delicious meal. They swear they don't take good photos together but I think they are wrong. Dawn's new year's resolution is to comment on my blog more so we'll see how that goes....... The beautiful Kronewitter girls hanging out at the Butchers.The Moores in front of the Butcher's Xmas tree. If you look closely you might can see niece #3 in Carrie's belly. She's debuting in July and if she's a boy I think Carrie might send her back. JK but she is convinced it's a girl.The men playing Ryan's Xmas present of Robo Rally. He just taught me how to play and I like it but it gets frustrating.Warming up after baths in front of the fire.Bedtime stories with Grandma. She was in grandchild heaven.Violet loves to say the phrase "Hey you, over there with the eyeballs" I'm not sure where she got it from but it makes me laugh...along with everything else she says.And here they are with their favorite aunt and her red demon eyes. Wish I had some feety pajamas to match!

I'll try to pre-post a few things. I am off for Nashville tomorrow for the Chidrens Pastor's Conference. Just call me Pastor Katie :)


Anonymous said...

My cup truly did runneth over. Not only did I have all my grandkids but all three of my precious children and the children of the heart that they have blessed me with through their marriages. I will always cherish every moment and memory of this past Christmas. My house is way too empty and quiet with all of you gone. Thank you a million times over for coming to Oregon. I'm counting the days till I can see you both again this summer (Lord willing) when we come down your way. I love ya love ya love ya. Give each other a big hug from me. Mom I


Can you hear the choked back tears in moms post. I love your picture of the 4 of them and you! they all look very happy with their Aunt Katie. We are SOOOO glad you guys come to Oregon. LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

oregon 42
oklahoma state 31

Miranda said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! I didn't know Carrie was expecting! That's so exciting and I'm thinking "pink" for her! Happy New Year!

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