Sunday, January 25, 2009

Would Jesus Have Been a Blogger?

Thanks mom for giving me a thought for this next post. She commented on my last post and mentioned "resting on the Sabbath so that I can be energized to serve the Lord AND write creative blogs." I'm not sure which version of the Bible she got that idea from, but she did go to a Christian University, so I'll take her word for it. From her comment I started to wonder: would Jesus have had a blog if they had the internet circa 2000 yrs ago?

Reasons to think Jesus would have had a blog:
  1. His message could have reached people across the globe that his donkeys couldn't have taken him to.
  2. He liked to use creative methods to reach people. Especially story telling or parables.
  3. He did kind of leave us a blog AKA the Holy Bible. You can look at the chapters and books as separate posts, but they aren't in chronological order. They are archived by subject matter.
  4. He could have used any revenue made from ads on his blog to help the poor and the widows
Reasons to think Jesus would NOT have had a blog:
  1. Christians are supposed to spread Jesus's love/message, so his use of a blog might have diminished the desire in others to spread the Good News
  2. He was a people person and hiding behind a computer isn't very personal.
  3. All of the "handy-men" I know aren't very computer savvy, so I doubt his carpenter dad would have taught him how to type, and Mavis Beacon wasn't around until the 20th century.
Those are the only reasons I can come up with but please comment and let me know what you think. Would Jesus have had a blog?
FYI this post was non-fiction in case you were confused, mom.


Anonymous said...

Katie, I can't even hazard a guess. I guess I can ask Him someday though. Mom I

Dawn said...

I just read Laura's blog and since she is doing so well with her resolutions, I figured I should at least keep one of mine--post more comments after reading blogs! It counts as keeping the resolution if it is still January, right? I am glad you liked Slumdog Millionaire. We just saw Benjamin Button this afternoon and, although we liked it, we are still pulling for Slumdog for the Best Picture Oscar. We usually do a little Oscar party--think you will be in town?
=) Dawn

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

What a fun post!

kmom said...

I went to Lipscomb University.

Ryan and Katie said...

Oops! I knew that I promise! I changed it :)

Mrs. Potts said...

Popping over from SITS to say good morning!
When I read your blog, it really got me thinking though. I think that God wants his message out there & would saturate the "market" as heavily as possible.
I think there would definitely be a blog from God!
You have a new follower now!

lauren and brad said...

i have no idea...logically, i guess yes because your list is longer for why he would have a blog. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so interesting!

waughbash15855 said...

I think he would have had a blog. I believe that the purpose of blogs is to inspire and inform people about whatever. Although the point about diminishing the Good News is well taken. However, I think as creative as Jesus was (and as offensive as he was), his blog would have probably been one of the most offensive out there. Just some thoughts.

Charis said...

Jesus would have TOTALLY been a blogger! A message blogged reaches WAY farther than a message spoken - and a blog takes what, 15 minutes to post? He could have spared that from his schedule.

Great question!

Nancy said...

Great question...I would have to agree with you. I want to thank you for stopping by during my SITS spotlight. Please come back anytime. Blessings, Nancy

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