Saturday, February 07, 2009

An Affair to Forget

I have lived in this state for almost 8 years (I know I can't believe it either) and have always heard of Affair of the Heart, I had just never been. I know tons of people who have gone though and they love it despite the fact that they all say it's sooo crowded. Well Lauren and I attended this bi-annual event on Friday and all I can say is--I could've gone another 8 years without it. Sorry if that offends any of you AAOTH lovers. I can sum up all of the booths in a few categories
1. hand painted signs and acoustic tile
2. all things frufru for children (including about 50 tutu booths)
3. Kirklands look alikes
4. old lady clothes with lots of bedazzling
5. Jewelry
7. windchimes and whirligigs
6. Antiques
Don't get me wrong. There was some cool stuff. And I like Kirklands and tutus are really cute. I liked a lot of it, but 7 buildings of the same stuff got old pretty quick. My favorites were the antiques and guess what? I can go to those any day without all the annoying people and their metal shopping carts. I guess one good thing is for crafty people like me we can just go and see cute things to go home and make ourselves for lots cheaper! But the best part was the strawberry crepes we ate while we waited on Brad to rescue us bc Lo accidentally locked her keys in the trunk as we were about to leave.Here we are with sore feet and bellies full of strawberry crepes. Ben wasn't a fan of all the crafts. He was ready to go home and do something manly. Lo stood on the car in the parking lot trying to tell Brad where we were.Ben drinking away his sorrows.


Matt and Shannon said...

i concur with your feelings about aaoth...i thought it was good to go to every once in a while to get ideas but i wouldnt buy much there. also, you gotta be on your toes with all the square rolly carts and moms with 10 baby strollers trying to navigate all of them at once.

kmom said...

Ben looks so big boy in his blue jeans. He definitely had the look of a bored guy putting up with girl stuff.

Denyse said...

I used to LIVE for craft shows like that, but not so much any more. Your assessment of the categories of vendors is dead on!

Thanks for stopping by my place on my specail SITS day!

Leslie said...

i'm such a fan of these pictures! thanks!!

jlair said...

there was a girl that i went to elementary school with that went to this affair of the heart event every year with her mom. i always thought it was a long ways to travel for a craft fair, but each to their own.

Young Fam said...

hahaha....awesome! Well it's just Jenny and Ross confirmed they were having a boy, you knew they were expecting right? saw him eat. (enough said)

Anonymous said...

is that baby drunk?


lauren and brad said...

thank goodness you were with me!

Gaspegirl said...

Good morning ... just stopping by from SITS.

Make it a great day!

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