Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Valentime's Day, as the kids at tutoring call it (along with Justin Cornell and probably others too), has brought out interesting comments from the kids. Here are a few excerpts with the names changed to protect the innocent:

Bob-3rd Grade
Bob: You kids don't know anything about love. When you are my age then you will understand
Me: Oh really, you aren't that much older than they are.
Bob: Ms. Katie I am 9 and I am going through puberty.
(Really? 9? Did I know that word when I was 9?)

Bill-2nd Grade
Bill: (noticing the ring on my hand) Ms. Katie did you just get married?!
Me: Um I have been married as long as you have known me.
Bill: Really? How long?
Me: Almost 4 years!
Bill: Wow, so you've been married since you were like a kid huh?
(haha, sure if 22 is still a kid)

Sue-5th Grade
Sue: Ms. Katie do you share a bathroom with your husband?
Me: Yes we do.
Sue: I don't understand why people be bathin' together. That don't make no sense to me. Ms. Katie do you have to bathe with your husband?
Me: I don't HAVE to.
(I didn't think it was my place to have this kind of conversation)

Me: So are you making your parents anything for Valentine's Day?
Betsy: No because my dad just moved out and he is living in compartments.
(I think she meant apartments and it's ok, he moved back home)

Betsy-Kindergarten and her tutor
Betsy: Who lives at your house?
Tutor: My husband and I.
Betsy: And your kids?
Tutor: No we don't have any kids yet.
Betsy: But I thought you were married?
Tutor: I am. We just don't have any kids yet.
Betsy: Why?
Tutor: Because we don't want kids just yet.
Betsy: But when will they come?
Tutor: When we decide to have them.
Betsy: Well what did your doctor say?
(I don't know how this conversation ever ended but who knew a kindergartener could grill you so hard?)


Call Me Cate said...

Kids are so funny. I bet that tutor never did escape Betsy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

lauren and brad said...

I love it! :) What a fun job you have! I still don't know how you don't pee your pants laughing though...

Cathy said...

Kids are so funny! Everything is so literal with them. I laugh at my 3 year old every day!

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