Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ode to Oklahoma Weather

To be sung to the tune of "Oklahoma" by Rogers and Hammerstein

Ooooooklahoma where tornadoes happen every day
And the weathermen freak
When the sky starts to leak
Even though everything is a-okayyyy

Ooooooooklahoma every night my bubby loo and I
Sit alone and sigh
And wonder why
The only thing on TV is the skyyyyy

We know we have storms all the time
But the weathermen can't get this in their minds
And when we sayyyy
Please doppler go awayyyy
We're only saying you're doing fine Oklahoma
Get used to the weather OK?!

(If you were affected by the tornadoes today and take offense to this song in any way then you probably haven't lived here very long. Re-read this post in a few years and you'll get it)


Blair and Rachel said...

That's awesome, I'm sending it to my parents...hope you all are safe!

kmom said...

We in west Tn have a severe storm warning for 6pm tonight until 6am Wed. It is for severe winds coming from the panhandle of Oklahoma thru Missouri and on toward us. Our warning is for straight line winds that might roll over your vehicle if it rides high up on the road.

Anonymous said...

I think it is funny...however, every neighborhood around ours has gotten severe damage after every tornado so every time I wonder will our house be next...it is a scary think and I have lived in Oklahoma all my life. Yesterday was crazy because I was stuck in a safe room at school with about 90 kids ranging from a few months to 4years...NOT fun!! But I guess the weather can be poked fun at sometimes!


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