Wednesday, February 11, 2009


You can read Shanny's post for more info about the awesome surprise party, but here is part of the scrapbook I made for Pam's 20th anniversary at Mayfair. It has pics of her throughout the years and letters from people she has worked with. Do you know how many preachers, youth ministers, and other co-workers she has outlasted? She wins.Can you imagine working in the same place for 20 years? And putting up with all the crazy phone calls you get to deal with as a church secretary for 20 years? And still loving all those people despite their craziness? This is why she deserves a surprise party and MUCH MUCH more. We love you Pam!
P.S. She absolutely LOVES* attention so she will LOVE* that I posted this on the interweb for trillions of people to see. (don't forget that the * denotes sarcasm)

(As for the previous post I am thankful we are ok and suffered no damage and I do realize the weather was serious in some areas, and I'm sorry if you or your property were damaged in any way. But I'm really sorry if you were stuck in lockdown at a school with a bunch of scared crying kids. As for where I work and live...we got 4 tornado sirens, some gray clouds, and rain, and that's about it.)


kmom said...

Very thoughtful of you to do the scrapbook and help with the party for her. I am so impressed with your creativeness and the things you get done. I miss read our weather advisory yesterday. It is until 6pm today instead of 6am. The winds are really strong and I am afraid I might get clobbered by a loose tree limb if I drive somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I worked as a church secretary once upon a time so I can appreciate her dedication to that work for 20 years. Kudos to her. I'm sure she'll love the book you made for her. We are so thankful that you guys are okay after all the storms. Oh, the joys of living in tornado alley. Love ya, Mom I

lauren and brad said...

You so scrappy...I'm craving a craft night! Got to start that baby book! :)

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