Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stickin' It to the Man

So the other day I received a notice that I am eligible to join in on a class action law suit against Wal-Mart, since I was employed in Oklahoma by Sams between the years of 1998-2008. After I skimmed a bunch of legal jargon and poppycock I found out I could get somewhere between $25-$100 if I had ever been denied a break or had my lunch break interrupted. The whole thing is ridiculous to me and here are some reasons why in a list form:

1. I enjoyed my job as a cashier at Sam's and yes some days I did not receive a break or a lunch and my feet were sore. But I would have been worse off if I had to come back from my break to a line of 50 people making angry eyebrows at me and muttering swear words under their breath while I asked if they found everything ok today.

2. My managers were nice people who were very flexible with my class schedule AND allowed me to go home to TN whenever I wanted. Maybe other managers weren't as nice to their employees, but I found mine to be very accommodating of an out of state college student.

3. Do you people that are suing realize that the total amount is like 42 million dollars and of that amount, the most you can see of it is $100 that you have to pay taxes on? Do you even know how much the lawyers representing the case will reap from this? That should probably anger you more.

4. This isn't exactly sticking it to the man. Wal-mart does about $379 billion in total revenue yearly so you do the math.

5. If you go down to the courthouse on the day all of this bru-haha is happening, you will most likely have to take off work, and if you work an hourly job you will not be getting paid while you do this. Therefore is it really worth it to miss hours/money to only possibly receive 25 or so bucks?

I'm not all pro Wal-mart or anything and maybe the people who want to sue NEVER got breaks or were chained to their registers and had to soil themselves and starve, but the whole thing seems a little silly. So until Erin Brokovich comes knocking on my door and tells me my water is tainted and I will probably die in a few months from drinking it, I think I will stay away from big law suits for now.


Chellie said...

In answer to your post on my blog... She can climb up the ark, but no Brownie has never pooped on the ark. She has pooped in the yard but I make Nate pick it up and throw it away.

Leslie said...

I remember getting a notice like that from blockbuster because small video business owners were trying to fight the man. Although I fully agree that these systems are in place for good reason, class actions do seem kinda ridiculous when having to "split" amongst the whole class, huh? just think about the mesothlioma cases.

The Woodards said...

Really, I would think that soiling yourself at a cash register in Wal-Mart would be on the upper end of that pay scale...at least $75..not the measly $25! You probably would have had to die to get the full $100, which after taxes and the infamous death penalty tax really means you just owe the government more money. So, if you are dead, please don't show up to the lawsuit. It will just cause more heartache for you.

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