Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts on the Oscars

I was able to watch most of the Oscars last night although I did not have a party this year. I just love Oscar night even if I haven't seen most of the movies. Here were my thoughts of the evening (at least the parts I saw):
  1. I really enjoyed the production of it and how they arranged the categories and did multiple awards with the same presenters
  2. Hugh Jackman was hilarious....and handsome. Who knew he was a singer and dancer. I did not. I also enjoyed Tina Fey and Steve Martin's presentation.
  3. I liked the way they had former winners in the actor/actress category stand up and compliment each nominee. Except for Sophia Loren. She is a walking ad against plastic surgery and she scares me.
  4. I enjoyed the speeches and was glad none of them were cut short with the music this year. Penelope Cruz gave a great speech, but I hated Vicky Christina Barcelona.
  5. Who knew I liked Indian music? I found out I do.
  6. I kept getting emotional every time I thought of people in Mumbai huddled around a tiny TV and cheering for how many times Slumdog won.
  7. My best dressed list would include Kate Winslet (minus her hairdo), Freida Pinto, and Tina Fey
  8. My worst dressed would include Jessica Biel, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whoopi (but what do you expect?), and Sophia Loren (yikes!)
  9. Best line of the night was by A.R. Rahman "All my life, I had a choice of love and hate. I chose love, and I'm here."
  10. Did you see Mickey Rourke's interview with Babwa before the show and what he said about winning an Oscar? Priceless. And I can't repeat it.
  11. And did you see Hugh give Babwa a lap dance because SHE ASKED HIM TOO. She is getting a little too fiesty in her old age.
Anyways if you saw the Oscars what were your thoughts?

P.S. I'll post about our fun trip tomorrow...or whenever I post next.


Leslie said...

1. i can't believe they started so early. missed a bunch and had to youtube the opening number.

2. i love that ozzie wolverine. always have. thought he was gay for a split second (too many musicals), but now i don't think so?

3. slumdog!!

4. shirley's (is that her name) dedication to anne hathaway. i LOVED the sincerity and the tears and everything.

ktsdad said...

I think Sophia is right up there with Priscilla Presley. They now have the ventrioloquist look - you hear sounds but the lips never move!

Anonymous said...

I know I sound like an old fogie, but those kind of shows just make me want to puke. Those people are all just a bunch of eogmaniacs who can't get enough of themselves (thus we have award shows every other week). Do I dare even tell you who wrote this post. Its just me, your mother in law. I guess I'm getting feisty in my old age too. But I hope you can love me anyway. Mom I

Cathy said...

Hey there SITSta! You roll called in front of me, and I thought I would stop by and say "Hi"! I watched the Oscars, and I agree that Sophia Loren looked did Mickey Rourke! I enjoyed the former winners complimenting the nominees...I got a little misty-eyed on some of them!

lauren and brad said...

I fell asleep pretty early on, but my highlight was seeing my favorite ever, Goldie Hawn! I thought she looked beautiful...

Tiffany said...

I missed the Oscars. I'm just stopping by from SITS to say hi!

Dara said...

I agree with all your thoughts! I thought the show was really fun. I like your blog and occasionally stalk it.

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