Sunday, March 08, 2009

Charlie Learns to Love the Little People

Ben is great practice for Charlie on tolerating little ones. She never nips at him no matter how many times he hits her and says "no" and then dies laughing. She does like to sneak bites of his cheerios at times and stick her nose in dirty diapers, but she's getting better. Here is a cute video of the 2 of them playing fetch.


The McDowells said...

I am sure she will be a good big sister!

On a totally different subject, Do you remember what is the link to the clipart pictures that you used in your pictures in the children's Hall at church?

lauren and brad said...

Ben loves Charlie despite all the hitting. He's getting too much practice beating up on things smaller than him! yikes!

lizcannon said...

charlie will be the perfect sister!

lauren and brad said...

thats my kid!


Joy said...

OMG that was super-cute!

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