Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good News, Bad News

We got to see Baby I. today and it's got a strong heartbeat and is 5 inches tall and looks a lot like a tiny baby and less like a sea monkey but it remains an "it." The doctor was kind of laughing and said it couldn't be more defiant because it had it's legs crossed at the knees AND ankles AND it was sitting on it's feet. No amount of poking and prodding helped.

Dear Baby,
We will have many many years together in which you can rebel against my wishes but PLEASE do not be stubborn just yet. We are happy you are healthy but would really like to stop calling you an "it." The next time we get to see you is in 3 weeks so go ahead and be stretching out those long legs and practice doing some toe touches and squats so next time I can leave the doctor's office knowing if I should buy you a pink or blue outfit.
We love you,
Mama and Daddy

In other more boring pregnancy news: I haven't gained any weight, just a pooch, which is fine by me since I think that holiday eating weight was enough for a few months. I'm sure it will catch up with me soon enough. The good news is you can keep voting until April 21st!


ktsdad said...

Maybe by 4/21 you will be able to come up with some free babysitters in OK. Right it looks you'll still be going to OR or TN for that!! I guess frendships only go so far!!

Young Fam said...
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Young Fam said...

I'll change my vote to a girl...cause I'm pretty sure boys don't cross their legs! And you know I'll babysit for free anytime!

Rocksee said...

Visiting from SITS..

Good luck with the baby.. whatever "it" turns out to be!!



Kristen said...

Saying hi from SITS :) Sorry you didn't get to know today!! Maybe that means its a girl, girls can be quite stubborn :)

Blair and Rachel said...

I almost thought you were announcing twins because you said Baby I...but I read that as Baby One..... :D You'll find out soon enough!

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