Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Honeymoon Help!!!!

Not for Ryan and I but for my sister and her croc wearing beau. They are trying to decide where to go for their honeymoon in July so I am enlisting your help. Leave a comment and tell where you went and why you liked it!! (Or if you haven't been on a honeymoon just say your favorite vacation spot and why)

Ryan and I went on a 7 day cruise to Cozumel, Cayman Islands, and Jamaica. We loved it!! (Thanks Butcher g-parents!) Cruises are nice because all of your meals are taken care of for the most part...and they feed you well!! There is lots of free entertainment and you know where you are staying every night! I would discourage trips to Mexico right now though due to all of the violence and who knows when that will end. But there are lots of other sunny cruises to other destinations. That is my 2 cents worth anyways. Here is one of my fav pics from our honeymoon looking tan and know before the full time jobs, bills, and life in general set in.


ktsdad said...

You might check out Christopher Place in the middle of nowhere in the East TN mountains.
Also enjoyed the Wright Inn is Asheville (stay in the Wright Suite and they serve your breakfast privately on your on porch!)

The McDowells said...

Seth and I went to Cancun, a wealthy couple we hardly knew let us use their timeshare. It was nice, but I would definately suggest a cruise. We have done two cruises and there were lots of honeymooners on both of them.

Would you mind sending me that clipart? Thanks so much Katie!

Anonymous said...

The Oregon coast. Ya can't beat it. Mom I

Anonymous said...

The Oregon coast. Ya can't beat it. Mom I

lauren and brad said...

We stayed in the Sunspree Resort in Montego Bay Jamaica. It was all-inclusive and so awesome. I loved it and would totally recommend it.

I would also recommend a fancy stay in Paris, a bed and breakfast tour of Ireland, a mountain getaway in Colorado, or the sunny Amalfi Coast of Italy. All tied for my favorite romantic places.

Erin Cornell said...

I'm all about cruises - the best all inclusive you can get. Maybe Las Vegas - I'll tell you next week or the east coast. I love it up there. Gorgeous and tons to do!

Anonymous said...

I have been checking into Atlantis Paradise Bahamas for the past year now. There seems to be lots to do in such a beautiful atmosphere. Once things get back on track I would love to go. -April

Brittany said...

Todd and I went to Jamaica. We stayed at Couples San Souci. We LOVED it!! It is a lot like the Sandals Resorts but a little cheaper but we were treated like royalty. It is all inclusive and lots of things to do. The only down fall is that I wasn't crazy about the "beach" there.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Oh how fun! We went to Paradise Island, Bahamas and stayed at an all inclusive resort near Atlantis. It was a great spot, the service was good and we didn't have to worry about paying for anything since it was all covered. After the wedding the last thing I wanted to think about was what we wanted to afford...we've also visited Tortola, BVI and Hawaii and loved them both!

Anonymous said...

Sara and I stayed at the Wentworth Mansion in Charleston, SC.
It's an awesome place and the city is filled with great food and old south charm.
We also really enjoyed the Colonial Inn at Martha's Vineyard.
The Cape Cod area is awesome b/c it's not overrun with tourists and it is absolutely beautiful.
There are a few suggestions from your adopted brother and sister. The Beard's

Chellie said...

Nate and I went to Savannah Georgia and to Tybee Island (which is like a 10 minute drive away). Beach, bed & breakfasts, ghost tours, haunted hotels and the park that Forest Gump sits in to tell his story. What more can you ask for? Oh and a great chocolate store.

Godiva said...

Just stopping by via SITS to say "Hello"!

lizcannon said...

cam and i stayed at this most amazing resort in st. lucia.
there are only 25 rooms, and they are open into the ocean/rainforest... just check out the site.
i totally reccomend all inclusive, that;s what we had, and ate like kings ever night/day/etc.
we arent super beachy people, but it was hot and we could go to the beach; but we hiked, saw hot springs, saw rainforest, went to the market and then bought food for a cooking class, and just chillaxed.
it was so amazing!!!!
they were great there!
but i agree with Lo, a Coloradoan mountain get away would also be super awesome!

i think cruises are okay, but i like the more private not a lot of people thing going at ladera.

Miranda said...

We went to Eureka Springs to Cinnamon Valley's 150ish acres with like 8 cabins very private but really close to town, with full kitchen so you can eat what you want. We loved it!! And there are lots of things to do in town very romantic sweet town.

okcowgirl421 said...

Nathan and I went to Disney World and loved it. Got a park hopper pass and stayed "on property" (at the Animal Kingdom Lodge which was SO fun - saw giraffes and zebras from our balcony every morning) and we could ride the shuttle from the hotel front door to the front gate of whichever Disney park we were going to that day, and to Downtown Disney. The park hopper has unlimited in/out access to the parks for each day you have it. We also got the meal plan which was a good thing for us - we had WAY more than enough to eat and didn't have to worry about carrying around a bunch of cash to the parks. That's probably way more than you wanted to know but if you want more details or anything, give me a call.

Beth Anderson

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