Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now is your chance....

I stated before that I don't really want unsolicited advice BUT if I ask you for advice then it's not unsolicited anymore. See how that works? Soooo since Ryan and I have begun to look at baby paraphernalia and take it into account with the size of our home we are feeling a bit overwhelmed (and by 'we' I probably just mean 'me' but whatever). I do not wish to live in a home that has baby gear in every nook and cranny. However, I do not want to put the kid in a dresser drawer to sleep and give it a ball of string to play with. So my question is, as a parent what stuff did you absolutely use/need and what stuff could you have done without? This goes all the way from changing tables, to diaper genies, to strollers, to swings, to bumbo chairs, to pack n plays, to car seats (I hear that's required by law), to bath tubs, to rocking chairs, to bottles, to play mats, to pacifiers, etc. I realize it will be different for everyone but it still might be nice to have opinions....or not...I could regret this later, but until then the comments are open! Sound off!


Miranda said...

Let's see...since I'm on the 3rd one...LOL! I'm going to blog for you! There are so many things that are helpful and fun. I'll do 'Momma Poff's review' of baby stuff! Look for the blog!! Love the pic by the way!

lauren and brad said...

Man where to begin? :)
You probably don't even need my comment since I talk about this with you like every day...but here goes:
Carseat (hate them, but you know, don't want to pull a brittany)
Diapers (love the cloth)
Boobs (don't even have to buy them!)
Comfy stay at home clothes for baby & Mama

Crib/Bassinet (I admit Ben didn't use his for months and months and even naps I usually held him or wore him, but for later. :) )
Toys (a ball of string will probably interest them even more but...)
Stroller (Again, didn't use it for months because the sling is so much easier but for later)
Rocking Chair

Wipe warmer
Bath tub (Used the sink until he could sit up)
Boppy (esp. for breastfeeding...did use it to prop him up for a few pics once in awhile...I even have 2 so I'll give you mine!)
Swing (They like being worn much better)
Bumpo Chair (Ben hated it)
Baby Einstein etc. videos (Couldn't get the kid to watch them)

Sorry this is so long...I'm sure I'll think of more and tell you when I see you! XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Just remember all they REALLY need is YOU!


I loved the vibrating bouncy seat for instances when you have to get something done and you just can't hold or sling on. I'm with Lauren on the boppy, swing, and wipe warmer. All pretty much just take up needed space. And the biggest waste of space and fresh air....the diaper genie. As for a changing table, we put it on top of the dresser, just one less thing in the room. Hope it helps! See you soon! Love you.

Brittany said...

Ha!! I will try to be brief!

Pack-n-plays are sre good but he likes it better away from home. You really don't need the one with all the extras(mobile, changing table....)

We did not use the boppy pillow much either and he hated his boppy swing...but all babies are different.

Changing table I think I have only changed him a few times on is mainly just for decoration..ha!

Rocking chair we don't really use that often either. I think it just takes up space but it was a family heir loom so you know...

I had lots of people tell me I wouldnt really need a bassinet but I loved it and he slept in it until he was 4 months or so.

High chair we just got so you really don't need it until they are a little bigger. They have really cute booster like seats you can just attach to your regular chairs and they may help save on space.

Good luck shopping and with the registry...

RebeccaMom said...

Needed: the carseat that hooks onto the stroller (convertable stroller) so as not to wake the baby when you are getting out of the car and going somewhere!

bassinet, this is how we "co slept" for up to 6 months with our second baby

battery operated swing (so it's quiet!)

not needed: Boppy, like someone before me, I used it for a couple of photos and that's it

vibrating chair- used seldom and wasn't love by either of my kids

hope this helps :)

Shawn and Becky said...

Okay so here's the things we are still using today . . .Cameron is almost 7 months old.

Mini Co-sleeper - it's a brand worth looking into. It's one of my favorite items. He's still sleeping in it. It's next to our bed but opens up on the side to the bed. You'll have to look into it because it's hard to describe. It's awesome and even travels well if needed.

Sling, I agree with Lauren, they enjoy being wrapped in them and if you get the right one you can actually do things while baby is in them. And it's way easier to throw baby in that for a few errands than try to take them in the heavy car seat.

Vibrating Bouncy Chair, he still sits in while I shower and get ready for work.

Swing. Cameron didn't like his swing for the first few months, but now he sits in it while we eat dinner or I while I make dinner if Shawn's not home yet. He'll be moving to a high chair soon so we really probably got a good 2 or 5 months out of it.

Floor Mat - Cameron loves his mat, he'll play under ever without a peep and he explores every part of it. He still uses it too I'd say it was worth the investment. Now we put other toys on the floor near it and he goes back and forth.

Boppy - I didn't like mine either but some rave about it, borrow one to see.

Good luck, hope this helps.

Carrie M said...

I think the biggest waste of space for our little house was the baby bath tub. I just used the kitchen sink till he could sit in the big tub.
For our next baby, I'm going to look in to a high chair that sits on a dinning room chair because the big plastic high chairs take up so much room.
Diaper Genies are more trouble than they are worth.
I rarely ever used a changing table and would just change diapers and dress them on a bed or a blanket on the floor.
The thing I could not live without is a good stroller (with a cup holder). A LOT of walking got me back in shape after the baby came.

Valerie said...

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is totally subjective. But here's what we loved and what we didn't use:

-Hotslings sling
-McClaren Easy Traveler stroller base- it works with lots of different car seats and is a nice alternative to the big "combo" stroller systems, especially when traveling (duh!); other brands make cheaper versions but the McClaren is great if you've got a tall hubby.
-JJ Cole Essentials diaper bag- sling style, hubby doesn't mind carrying it
-we used a bouncy seat, swing AND bumbo, all at different stages- do not underestimate the importance of having a place to put the baby down for a few minutes.
-pack and play- kept this in our room; we used the bassinet attachment for the first couple of months

-any of a number of diapering accessories--wipes warmer, changing table, diaper genie- we had a nice pad that we used on the floor or on a bed or wherever and just made a point to take our trash out every day.
-SkipHop diaper bag- based on reviews I read, I thought this bag would change my life. It surely didn't.

I'm sure there's more stuff I'll think of later but I'm off to enjoy naptime!

The McDowells said...

You already have lots of good suggestions and of course everyone's opinons are different, but a few things I wanted to add:
I used a boppy pillow with all 3 and am still using it to nurse.

I never wanted to use a sling, so I never bought one.

Start buying diapers now, on sale and with coupons. Size 3 are the ones you will need the most of. I seriously stockpiled before each kid with super cheap or free (using coupons) diapers.

Don't buy the baby a lot of clothes, they won't need a ton of "dress up" stuff, just get a bunch of onesies and pjs.

Get the book "Babywise", my doctor and a friend suggested it, it was a HUGE help to me and had all 3 kids sleeping 10+ hours a night at 9 weeks.

I used a vibrating chair alot, that is good to have.

Get a good quality pack and play, they come in very handy.

Don't get a diaper genie, they require special bags, get a diaper champ, that is what we have, it uses regular bags.

Do your best to breastfeed, it is a big money saver and if you do and want to pump, get a good expensive pump. I got a hand pump with Macy and it was horrible! I hate pumping, but I have a hospital grade one to use to pump milk when they start using cereal.

So are just a few random things I thought of. Babies really don't need a lot and aren't SUPER expensive as some people make them out to be, so don't get overwhelmed!

lizcannon said...

1. first off didn't pack and plays used to be called play pens? i have decided i am going to call them cages. that's what they are.
2. schnooze doesn't need a carseat, so no worries about becoming a "brittany"
3. but she loves her $17 bed from target.
4. she hasnt ever needed a special bathtub, we just wash her in the reagular tub.
5. she's never used a pacifier.
but she loves her toys... esp her rope toys!
6. and oh yeah, she does have some clothes, but people bought them for her
7. we dont use a stroller, she has a leash.
hope this was helpful :)

Anonymous said...

i used to work for babies r us, and while i was there i learned a lot about what i wanted for my children before i even had them...

1. first of all, crib for me all the way. from day one they were sleeping in the crib, and it lowered when baby got older and could stand up. i was always afraid of rolling over onto my child if i had a co sleeper...

2. "what to expect the first years" was my bible for children and what stage they are at and to explain what crazy things my child was doing at the time. you can get it for free at some WIC classes, or i have a copy the next time you're out in Oregon if you want one....

3. a convertable car seat is the way to go, you buy one car seat for their whole life, backward facing and forward facing. worth the money you put into it. even acts as a booster when they are older. though the ones with handles are nice to not have to take sleeping baby out of, it gets heavy after a bit...

that's my two cents, if you have questions about other baby things at babies r us or wherever, feel free to ask me...

Anonymous said...

P.S. that was me anonymous Jessica Van Winkle :P

Shawn and Becky said...

One other thing . . . a mirror for your rear facing car seat. I love to look back and be able to see his face, especially if he's really quiet. Then I know if he's still breathing or sleeping or needs a binki. He hated his car seat at first, so it was just reassuring. Good luck with all the advice. Make any decisions yet?

Anonymous said...

OK, so clearly I don't get credit for keeping my resolution to comment more on your blog. Luckily, you have such a loyal following making tons of interesting comments that I am hoping that you wouldn't miss it! Jack is 17, so the baby years are a bit of a blur for me (the Diaper Genie wasn't even invented!), but I can definitely say that a STURDY STROLLER for walks and the PAK & PLAY for trips were musts for us. We lived in an eensy weensy NYC apartment until Jack was 8, so we took advantage of offers to borrow things that they only use for a short window of time (swings, infant seats, jolly jumpers, etc.). Just use'm and return'em! Hope to see you and Ryan and ??? when you are in Oregon next week =) Dawn

Small House said...

My kids are all teenagers now. I hardly remember. But I didn't buy into the have everything for the baby. They did like their swing.

Just stopping by from SITS. You roll called before me!
Have a great day.

Kira said...

Well like everyone else the diaper genie - BIG WASTE. I tried to use everything that I got & they all have use once in awhile but not that thing. And you definately could live without a changing table. I think you need something for the baby to sit in, swing, bouncy seat,etc but that will probably be up to your baby, so you may need several before you know.

Tiffany said...

Must Haves (at least for us)
-Chicco Carseat. Easiest to install, rivals the #1 spot for safest seat on the market, and just so easy to use!
-A Swing. We babywore, but Jack actually hated it. The swing was the only place he'd let me put him down.
-Fuzzi Bunz! (or Bum Genius maybe) Fool-proof, leak-proof cloth diapers!
-Those cheap little packs of thin blankets, we used them for everything... spit ups, leaky boobs, explosive poos, etc.
-Dr. Sears. I adore these guys!
-Bumbo. We took ours everywhere with us! Restaurants, church, anywhere!
-Amber Teething Necklace. Hello lifesaver! Jackson still wears it at 3, and he's been wearing it 24/7 since he was about 2 months old!

Don't Bother Withs (again, for us)
-A crib. Sounds odd, but they are so expensive and unless you buy one that converts to a twin bed, they just aren't worth it. Jackson slept in his pack and play, and that also helps when you go out of town as it really is their bed going with them!
-Sleep training books. Babies need parenting in the middle of the night just as much as during the day. And between teething, ear infections, and just general changes, as soon as you get a schedule set, something will happen and you'll have to start all over.
-Fancy clothes. Too much of a hassle, it's like trying to wrangle an octopus into a tux. lol.

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