Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why do these always show up when my husband isn't home?

We've been seeing these around again in the house along with cockroaches, so it must be that time of year. The time where screams coming from another room send Ryan waltzing in with a large shoe to save me. If you are new to the post you can read about my love of camel crickets and other creepy crawlers that always seem to find me here, here, and here. But I warn you the pictures are frightening but sadly all real. Luckily this one stayed put for about an hour while I waited for my husband to rescue me from worse than death.


Shawn and Becky said...

Ewww - just the picture scares me!

lizcannon said...

okay so i clicked on the past pics... and that spider is the freakin scariest spider i have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. i almost died just looking at it on the computer... i probably wont be able to sleep tonight.

Erin Cornell said...

Yikes - that was in your house??

Anonymous said...

My son the hero. His father will rescue me if I ask him to, but usually he'll just tell me to leave it alone because they won't hurt me. Its only when I grab my shoe and start to squash it all over the ceiling or wall that he'll do the killing for me. I hope baby Isenberg and mommy and daddy are all doing okay. Miss ya and love ya. Mom I

Kira said...

The other day I woke up & there was a MASIVE spider in my water glass - which is right next to my bed. I made J get rid of it. It gave me all kinds of creaps thinking about how close it was to me in bed!

Lora said...

OH my.
My worst creepy crawly nightmare were the huge slugs that kept slipping into the kitchen from the garden door. Apparently slugs like cat food. When I moved the cat food they stopped coming in (thank goodness!)
I, however, nearly proposed marriage to the first man I saw after I found the first one.

Visiting you from SITS--have a lovely day!

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