Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Almost Fooled

(while on the tutoring bus picking up the kids)

*Gasp!* Ms. Katie your baby just fell out!! No really I'm not kidding look on the floor! It just fell out of your belly!

April Fools!!!

They almost had me there for a second.

It got even better when they all started chanting "WE HATE YOU" then dying laughing with "APRIL FOOLS."

That one wasn't too bad until they started telling each other they hated each other, they were fat and ugly, etc. so it was time for the "it's not a good idea to say something that would hurt someone's feelings...even if you follow it with an April Fools"

Such a great holiday (and Happy Birthday Carrie!)

Please say a little prayer for us...our flight leaves early tomorrow a.m. Ryan left his wallet in a locked office and we can't find our passports ANYWHERE! Needless to say I'm freaking out and took a blogging break to calm myself down. I hate when I put important things somewhere and tell myself "I'll never forget this is here" then I tear up my house and can't find it anywhere!! Harumph. Hope the next time I blog we're in Oregon!


kmom said...

Why do you need your passports? Are you going to Canada? Were you looking for another form of ID since Ryan did not have his driver's license? Hope you have fun in Oregon!

jlair said...

kudos to those tutorin' kiddos. that is probably the best april fools joke ever.. :)

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