Thursday, April 09, 2009

Until I upload pictures.....

So I haven't had time to upload the vacation pics but thought you'd enjoy the latest comments from tutoring kids yesterday about pregnancy and babies:

Kid #1: Ms. Katie when you have the baby there will be lots of blood.
Kid #2: And you'll be scared.
Kid #3: And they will cut this string and then you can't have babies anymore, cuz that's what my mom did.
Kid #4: No no no. They cut the string and then the babies face turns blue, then brown...only if you're a black person though. I don't know what color of face your baby will have.

Kid: Ms. Katie are you going to try to lose weight before the baby comes?
Me: No actually I'm going to keep getting bigger.
Kid: Why would you do that?
Me: Because the baby is growing so my tummy has to grow too.
Kid: Then you might be having twins.

(after watching me eat a gummy bear)
Kid: Can you feel the baby chewing the gummy bear inside of you?
Me: Babies don't chew food in their mommy's tummies.
Kid: Well then how do they eat?
Me: (insert Kindergarten explanation of umbilical cords) and that's why you have a bellybutton!
Kid: (looking absolutely disgusted) But Ms. Katie I'm a BOY!!
Me: Even Boys have bellybuttons.
Kid: (turns to one of our older tutors) Are you too old to have a bellybutton?
Thankfully she just laughed and said yes.

Kid: What color are your babies eyes and hair?
Me: I don't know yet. We don't even know if it's a boy or girl.
Kid: Well you should talk to your doctor about that because you can decide what color you want them to have.
Me: No, God decides that.
Kid: No, if you tell your doctor early enough, they can pick it out for you. Just ask next time you go.

Kid: Ms. Katie I was thinking that if you could TRY to have that baby on a Monday, you'd probably be out of the hospital by Tuesday, and then you'd be back to tutoring on Wednesday! But what will you do with that baby?
Me: That's a nice thought but I'll probably take a little bit of time off. Longer than a day.

At least I know now they'd miss me!


Leslie said...

shut up! i'm LOVING these! gather them up and write a book! hilarious!

Kayla said...

Very funny. Kids crack me up!

kmom said...

Sounds like you are getting lots of advice from people "in the know."

Anonymous said...

Can I come to work with you one day? Hilarious!

Allison said...

Katie! Congrats! I didn't know you are expecting!

Loved hearing what the kids said! Haha!

You are going to be GREAT parents. :)

Anonymous said...

I had to explain to a kid the other day how the baby will come out. He thought it would come out of the belly button and was wondering if I was scared of getting stiches. When I told him it wasn't coming out of the belly button he became very confused. The same kid was also curious how I fed the baby and if it came out several times a day so I could give it a bottle. I too had to then try and explain the whole umbilical cord to him. He was very concerned about it the whole time. - Kelly

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot. After I told the child all about the baby thing as best i could without getting to graphic the child had a scared to death look on his face. SO I quickly said but it's okay because only girls have babies so you don't have to worry about all this stuff. He looks and me and goes "Well Yeah, only girls have babies becasue they like them."

Shawn and Becky said...

It's so hard not to giggle when kids say things like that, because most of the time they are very serious. At least they keep you on your toes.

Line said...

Hahaha, the kids are so sweet! Thanks for sharing :) Keep 'em comming ;)

lizcannon said...

oh my gosh, that is hilarious!!! i am so glad you remember what they say!!!

Marina said...

(Stopping over from SITS)So cute....I'm going to go thru your blog esp as you are a children's minister n I'm sure I'll have lots to learn from you. I help teach the preschoolers in church and its so much fun!

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