Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another reason for Ryan to hurry and put the new mailbox up...

Let's play a game called who wrote a dirty word on my mailbox??? I've narrowed it down to a few suspects:
  1. The person who kicked in our front door a year ago
  2. The new hooligan teenage neighbors next door
  3. One of the guys who whistles at me while I check the mail...dudes I'm married AND noticeably pregnant so QUIT whistling!
  4. Our mailman....I have no reason to accuse, other than he/she DOES handle our mailbox daily
  5. One of the millions of stray dogs who has an unhealthy crush on Charlie
  6. A random act of bruhaha
Either way I guess it's just another way for me to tell people where we live. "2nd house from the corner, oh yeah and we have a cuss word written on our mailbox."


kmom said...

Try White-Out.

okcowgirl421 said...

That's lovely. Sounds like something that would happen at our house (except that ours would more likely be on the side of the house written in spray paint). The joys of living in "historic" neighborhoods.

Mandy said...

Something similar happened to us, except it was a really nice drawing of a male body part! Needless to say, I almost dropped the mail that day!

Anonymous said...

Our mail box is ancient but a new coat of spray paint worked magic. Its just so sad that there are people who get a kick out of vandalism like this. (Course it may have been the dogs). Mom I

Leslie said...

hmmmm...or you could paint it in chalkboard paint and leave a piece of chalkboard on the side to open it up for further discussion. you know, like they do to inner-city taggers? give them space to tag to deter them from spraying up the overpasses and other places?

so sorry.

Garo said...

I take offense to #4...:) Glad your doing well aside from being verbally assaulted via mailbox.

kmom said...

Have you ever watched those top rated dog shows on TV? They use that word over and over and over again when talking about a female dog, and it is a family show and event. Probably a dog fancier wrote that word on your mailbox.

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