Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The main reason to be involved at a church.....

All those years of being taken to church "every time the doors are open" even when I was a cranky kid have finally paid off and made sense to me! For those of you still wondering what the answer is, let me enlighten you: The main reason women should be involved at church is the free maternity and baby clothes hand-me-downs!* I have only bought Olivia and myself a few things, but definitely not out of necessity. Just because I couldn't resist. I have our closet and the baby's closet full of maternity clothes handed down from other people at church (and some other friends too), and I'm already receiving baby clothes from some of the 6 people who have had babies this year at church. It's wonderful!! I can't imagine how much it would cost to get a whole new wardrobe for 9 months. If any of you new mommies read this blog, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
(Now do any of you happen to have a bridesmaid's dress in Victorian Lilac?)

*While this is an added benefit of belonging to a church family, I am being sarcastic and there are many other reasons I think people should be involved at a congregation :)


Young Fam said...

I'd share baby clothes with you, but pretty sure you don't want to dress Olivia like a boy, if you need any maternity clothes I have a few, I just wore Jeremy's tshirts a lot!

lizcannon said...

those are pretty good benefits!!!!

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