Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend Happenings

This weekend my parents came to visit and although I didn't put them to work in the yard, we did manage to do lots of work in the nursery. (Ok my dad did a little yard work but that's bc he wanted to) They came bearing LOTS of gifts for Olivia and me: my grandmother's bassinet, TONS of adorable clothes mostly from my sister (thank you aunt Amy for spoiling us already!), my baby things, a diaper bag that I love, maternity clothes from someone at church, and probably more that I'm forgetting. Thursday night when they got here I unwrapped all my loot and we ate at the Wedge to celebrate our 4th anniversary. On Friday we babysat Ben, then mom and I went to register for my baby showers while dad did yard work and Ryan went to work work. Then we had a cookout and watched a movie. Saturday we went to the Paseo Arts Festival to support dear Kelsey and her elderly friends at Linda Tarplay Tap dance their way into our hearts. It was a great show and I hope my legs look as good as some of those women's when I'm 70! (see Kelsey? She's the one in the front who isn't old) Then we ate lunch with the Erwin's and came home to start working on valances for the baby room. We paused in time to play rummikub. Sunday was church, then out to eat, then back home to resume working on valances and such. We got all 3 built and upholstered (Ryan can be quite handy when he wants to) and had enough time left to enjoy a fire in the backyard with marshmallows and more rummikub. Here's a sneak peak of the nursery handiwork.....And here is me looking sleepy eyed at 25 weeks! (she kicked or moved so much just now that she almost made the laptop fall off my lap!)The parents left early Monday morning so Ryan and I lounged around playing various games, eating outside, doing a little bit of work, going to get ice cream, cleaning up for our next house guests on Wednesday, watching a movie, and just taking it easy. It was a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I wish my parents could've been here longer!! I promise next time we won't do work...because next time they're here we'll be staring at Olivia the whole time I'm sure!


Shannon said...


kmom said...

The window looks even better with two long panels. I'm sure the others do also. You probably don't need to hold your hands next to your body to see your pregnancy, just stand sideways.

lizcannon said...

cute cute nursery pic!!!
cant wait to see more!
love the backyard ambiance with the firepit; once we have grass we can have the firpit out again :)
your belly is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Love all the nursery stuff! You are too cute! See you tomorrow! :)


Erin C said...

I am jealous of your fire pit. Help me convince Justin to get one :) I LOVE the valences - great job. I can't wait to see Olivia's room all put together. I just plain can't wait to see Olivia though!!!

Leslie said...

oh crap. i'm in LOVE with that valance.

lauren and brad said...

the curtains look so cute!

thanks again for taking time out of your fun-filled week-end to watch ben!

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