Wednesday, May 06, 2009

They tell it like it is....

This was the conversation at tutoring today between a Kindergarten girl and her 70ish year old tutor.

Kid: My grandma is 47 but she is a lot like you.
Tutor: Is she?
Kid: Yeah except for her neck. She has a tall straight neck.
Tutor: What kind of neck do I have?
Kid: It's kind of crammed in the middle and saggy.

Luckily she found this hilarious. Tutoring is no place for those with low self esteem!


The McDowells said...

I just saw the post about your wreck! (not sure how I missed it) How scary! Hope you are recovering well.

Gena said...

Oh goodness. My daughter asked one of my best friends if there was a baby in her tummy the other night. 30, single, not overweight......and NO baby in her tummy. Just lasagna. Humiliating.

Anonymous said...

Just a warning. Having children is not for those low on self esteem either. Believe me, your own children will keep you humble. Have you ever heard the term "brutal honesty"? But we love them unconditionally anyway. Mom I

Leslie said...

oh my.

Matt and Shannon said...

thats hilarious!

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