Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things that are getting harder to do.....

1. Get out of bed...or chairs...or anything
2. Bend over
3. Shave my legs
4. Get in and out of the car gracefully in a dress
5. Be on my feet for very long
6. Be sitting down for very long
7. Stay up past 9pm
8. Stay focused on anything while a baby kicks me
9. Get dressed
10. Balance

And mind you I still have 3 more months to go! I've been feeling great, but I can definitely feel myself having to slow down. It's amazing what 12 little pregnancy pounds will do to a person!


Leslie said...

oh, honey. i'm sorry it's becoming difficult for you to be sitting AND standing! what's left? squatting? jumping? hmmm...

how are your cravings?
any changes to your hair? i've heard extra volume can happen.

Anonymous said...

Well let me just recommend to you to not sit on the floor. It has become a very funny looking wiggle for me to have to get up off the floor. And I would have to say Getting in and out of the car just gets more fun as the baby gets bigger. I have to add an additional 5 min. to my commute every day just so I can make sure I leave enought time to get in and out of the car.~ kelly

lizcannon said...

what about getting a rolly chair and using it like a wheelchair?

Anonymous said...

Yeah it isn't easy for me either. I agree with Kelly on not sitting on the floor. Not only is it uncomforable, it is very hard to get up. Unless you taught Ryan how to paint your toenails, I wouldn't worry about trying to paint those either. I am so looking forward to having my body back and a precious little one in 24 days!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! It is all worth it in the end =) -April

lauren and brad said...

I totally feel you! Just lately I have definitely started to "feel pregnant"...out of breath, waddly, and just plain round!

The Mrs. said...

ah the joys of pregnancy!

I'm due in sept and I'm just hitting that I cant get comfortable no matter what position, sitting or standing phase. but it is all worth it isnt it?

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