Friday, May 29, 2009

We're getting in plenty of practice

In the last year there have been 8 babies born at church. 8! They are all so cute and it's fun knowing Olivia will have tons of church friends in her Bible class, and I will have tons of new mommies to call with any questions I have! Here are a few shots (I stole them from Tiffany) from our fun ice cream social last night at OC.

Here's Mr. Pierson already trying to cop a feel on Olivia. She was kicking where his hand was but he slept through it. Wylie being a very happy baby. Lynn, Annee, Jaxon, and meEnjoying the outdoors. It's nice to have a HUGE landscaped backyard and covered pavilion when you live at OC isn't it? Ms. Annee looking just like her brother. So cute!Tara, Travis, and WylieUs squinting in the sun with PiersonAnd here's the macho man himself. Watch out buddy, you have a few other dudes to compete with for Olivia's affection!Amanda and PeterMs. Keely--she is the youngest.Eating the ice cream before it melts!It was a fun evening and I am already looking forward to more of them!


Leslie said...

she was already trying to play with her buddies! get out of the way mom, i want to play!! so.cute. and um, is it already hot enough to melt ice cream there? we're in may grey...working into june's 45 this morning. :(

Chellie said...

This is weird.. but I kind of think that kid you're holding with all the hair looks a little like Ryan.. maybe it's just early so my mind is playing tricks.

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