Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's Happenin'

  1. Ryan got the Skylark up and running this week and is thinking he doesn't want to buy another car. We'll see if he changes his mind when it gets hotter I guess. I don't mind saving money though!
  2. My hard drive crashed multiple times on the lappy but Ryan got me a new one and all is well again!
  3. Olivia is WAY more active these last few days. She is kicking me right now as I type this and I laugh every time I see my belly move. I'm not gonna's pretty weird.
  4. It rained here for like 2 weeks straight and we got some great thunderstorms. Friday was sunny and Ben, Lauren, Charlie, and I enjoyed the kiddie pool and the backyard
  5. My parents are coming this weekend and I am REALLY excited!!!!
  6. Ryan played paintball today with guys from church
  7. Charlie was sick today and threw up quite a few times. She was probably paying me back for taking her to the vet on Thursday to have her anal glands squeezed.
  8. The season finales on TV have been pretty awesome. We watched Lost, The Office, 30 Rock, Grey's and Private Practice (well I just watched those last two)
  9. I haven't started anything else in the baby's room but we did clean it out a lot more when we put the crib up. Maybe my mom and I will work on it while she is here :)
  10. Our 4th anniversary is on Thursday and I can't believe it's been 4 years!
  11. The last day of tutoring for the school year was on Wednesday and we had a pizza party and 10 ft ice cream sundae. Good times were had by all!
  12. There will be lots of kids' activities this summer to look forward to. We just planned the calendar this week.
  13. Last night we ordered Joey's pizza. It was delicious. I love Joey's.
  14. I would type more but my hubby built us a fire in the fire pit outside and the smell of smoke is calling my name! Hope you all are having as fun of a weekend as I am!


kmom said...

I will be glad to help get the baby's room ready or clean anywhere. Do you want me to bring my sewing machine? You could borrow it and maybe bring it back in July. Do you want Dad to bring extra pruners to help Ryan with the yardwork? Love you!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit the feeling of the baby moving around kicking and turning and all is really weird. Not real sure how people can say they loved that feeling. I feel as though the baby is trying to crawl out of the belly button and it is getting close to succeeding. How are you sleeping these past few weeks? I am typically up at least 2-3 hours per night. Can't wait to see you in July! ~Kelly

Leslie said...

crawl out of your belly button???? oh dear.

and your mom is so productive, no wonder you get so many things done all the time! good genes.

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