Tuesday, June 02, 2009


My aunt and cousin are here from TN for their annual trip. It just so happens that they love softball and the softball world series is held in OKC each year, so it's an added bonus for the both of us: they get free lodging and we get to spend time with family! But very limited time...they are at games pretty much from sun up til sun down. I don't know how they are surviving the heat. It's been pretty hot in the day time here, but really nice at night. Anyway I'm glad we got this picture because the last time we forgot...and it makes me realize that although my dress is cute, it does not look good in photos. Lesson learned. :)


kmom said...

You look fine to me.

ktsdad said...

And this comment from a woman who wouldn't dare let her husband get a suit with a pattern like that!!!

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