Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

To celebrate our nation's birthday we spent most of the afternoon sleeping. Well by we, I mean me. I was exhausted...might've had something to do with camp (which I'll show the rest of those pics later) or the growing baby inside of me or a combo of the two. Either way I was pretty much worthless on Saturday. Ryan, however got the nesting bug and was cleaning the whole house and detailing my car!! It looks so clean I can't even believe it! Plus he got seat covers for it....anyway let's get back to the birthday girl. We went to Yukon to celebrate with friends who are moving in less than a month :( Charlie got to play with her sister one last time before they head to North Carolina. We will miss you Nate and Janine!! Their friends just so happen to live across the street from the park where they were shooting off the fireworks so we cooked out and then watched the show. It was great! And thanks to the POURING rain we got earlier in the evening it had cooled down a LOT. Janine, me (and Olivia), Allison, and Teresa waiting for the fireworks. The guys being patriotic...right before this picture they blew up a hot dog with firecrackers...then Nate ate it. Gross.


Yankee Girl said...

Blowing up a hot dog with firecrackers is totally rad! Sounds like something my husband would do...and he would eat it too!

Anonymous said...

Blowing up hot dogs sounds like Rys kind of fun. Katie, I hope you caught up on some much needed and deserved rest. And it sounds like a good time was had by all on our nations birthday. We had the Bratchers over for a barbque then we watched fireworks on the roof of the hospital. Mom I

Ali said...

Sounds like a fun 4th!

And blowing up a hot dog? Boys are such...boys.

The Royal Family said...

Hi, stopping in from sits!
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