Thursday, July 30, 2009

The reason they're called Hot Springs is because they're HOT!

After the wedding filled weekend fun, Ryan and I packed up for the LONG drive home. Luckily we had a planned stop in Hot Springs for 2 reasons: a mini vacation and I could not have survived a 9 hour car ride. Here we are saying goodbye to my mom. Next time we see her she will not care about us because she will have her first granddaughter and I'm pretty sure Olivia trumps us from now on. This is the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at. It's old.I would recommend it if you plan on going to Hot Springs anytime soon. Any place with a comfy bed, jacuzzi tub, yummy breakfast, soft robes, and cable TV is pretty awesome though. We had just enough cable TV to remind us why we don't have it at our house!This was taken at one of the historic bath houses. They're cool but the whole concept of someone else bathing you when you are capable of washing yourself was kind of weird. They still have like 2 in operation but we did not participate.And if you're wondering why the place isn't called Warm Springs it's because the water is HOT. We saw a picture of some people on a tourist pamphlet with their feet in the water so when we reached one of the hot springs I just put my hand in it. YOW! Those people either were not at this location or had artificial limbs because there was no getting used to that degree of water.Anyway it was a fun mini-vacation and now we can say we've "been there, done that" but there wasn't much else to do there, so I doubt we'll be back anytime soon. But you never know, I might get a hankering for some strange old lady to bathe me in scalding water and if so I will know exactly where to go!!

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okcowgirl421 said...

A couple of comments. First, Nathan and I have a picture in the same exact spot as that last one of you and Ryan. That spot is right across from the Arlington where we stayed. Second, I did partake of the whole bath house experience and I've gotta say, while it was a little odd, it wasn't as awkward as you'd think and I don't think I have EVER been as relaxed as when I got through with all of that! If you ever want details, ask me. It's quite the experience.

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