Friday, July 10, 2009

Who makes baby elephants?

So we took the kids and youth group to the zoo on Tuesday and while walking past the empty elephant cages (they are in Tulsa mating them for awhile) this is the conversation I had:

Kid: Where are the elephants?
Me: Tulsa zoo
Kid: Why?
Me: They are making more baby elephants. (as soon as I said this I wish I hadn't)
Kid: How do you MAKE a baby elephant?
Me: ummmm...the same way you make baby humans. (wrong answer Katie!)
Kid: ohhhhhhhhhh so God makes baby elephants in Tulsa?
Me: Yes you are exactly right

Not only are God and Jesus the right answer for everything in Bible class, but also for when I'm stuck with trying to explain procreation to 2nd graders.


Yankee Girl said...

Really, it is the best way to explain it. And you don't even have to lie!

Leslie said...

my friend michele had a nightmare last night about BABY ELEPHANTS! she knocked one on the head with a hammer to KILL IT. because, you know, it kept chasing her.


but even more random that you decided to post about baby elephants today. my goodness.

thatgirlblogs said...

Jesus and God are the answer to all kid questions.

I'm adopting that immediately.

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