Friday, August 07, 2009

Animal House

As I've mentioned before we've been house sitting all week for Matt and Shanny and their sweet "kids" Lucy (the dog) and Jack (the cat) who happen to be Charlie's best friends (their snake doesn't count bc we don't have to do anything with him). You might recall previous posts about this friendship and how they can become quit the partners in crime when together. So the first few nights went well and then there was a thunderstorm that led to Ryan and I waking up at 3am to the sound of breaking dishes in the kitchen. They had shattered a bowl and managed to grab a loaf of bread off the counter and eat it and completely chew up a new hairspray bottle. Lucy was going crazy and didn't calm down for like 2 hours so we let BOTH dogs sleep with us the rest of the night...what little there was left. Another night I was up at 4am because I was hungry and I had to disturb them in the kitchen so of course they were ready to play. I tried to ignore them but I finally gave up and at least let them play outside and then fed them all breakfast. I was almost asleep on the couch when I noticed it was too quiet and the dogs weren't around.....I called for them and they came bounding in with kitty litter ALL over their snouts. Lovely. At other times when feeling frisky they spilled their huge water dish all over the kitchen floor, the cat pooped on the carpet, and Charlie (who forgets all potty training when she is in their kitchen for some reason) pooped in the kitchen. I think they miss their mom and dad and who knows if Matt and Shannon will let us stay here again after they come home to poop stained floors and broken dishes. Charlie is having so much fun though and I'm sure will be so sad when we go back home tomorrow and she won't have any cats to chase (except the feral and diseased ones in our backyard) or dogs to wrestle with. We have had a fun week though. I've enjoyed crafting in Shannon's workroom and being able to walk to work. Plus I'm pretty sure all the animal shenanigans were due to the fact that they knew I just needed something to blog about! So thanks pets for bringing me out of my hiatus!


lauren and brad said...

Uh, hello? Blog about the crafts! :)

Leslie said...

early morning, crazy animal wildness.

they seem to be having a ton of fun!

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