Sunday, August 02, 2009

Do you know what today is???

It's August 2nd today and my due date is Sept. 2nd which means we have a month people!!!!! ONE MONTH! 4 more Sundays, 2 more paychecks, however you look at it, it's so close! (unless she's a latecomer) We haven't packed our bags or anything and I still haven't organized her clothes and washed everything. I'm not nesting and I'm not even living in our nest since we are house sitting right now. I don't have a pediatrician picked out or questions lined up to even ask should I decide to interview one. I pretty much feel unprepared in every way, but Ryan and I do anxiously await her arrival and are so curious to meet the little one who has been capturing our hearts while we watch my belly grow and my ankles and fingers swell to freakish sizes! Speaking of which I need to go elevate them now!

I'm pretty sure it's also my mother in law's birthday today too so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONA!!!


Heather said...

How exciting!! I always got into a small panic when I was down to one month left! :) Good luck getting everything together for the big arrival! And rest your feet!

The McDowells said...

The next month will fly by! I remember it was always weird with each of my kids when I bought milk that had an expiration date after my due date, I knew it was getting close then! Enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

I was actually thinking about that today! I'm so happy for you, and can't wait to meet her! Love you! :)


lauren and brad said...


Anonymous said...

Rachel brought this to my attention on Sunday. We discussed how it might be nice if Olivia waited to come on the 4th, Grandmother and Pop's anniversary date. I hope everything goes well. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival. Love, Aunt Joyce

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