Sunday, August 23, 2009

List o' Randomness

  1. Everyone keeps saying to cherish these last days with my hubby before we add another one to the family, but since his company is moving this week he has been working evenings and ALL weekend long, so I cherished this weekend with some friends and Charlie.
  2. And yes I found time to pack the hospital bags, now I get to stare at them as a constant reminder that it could be ANY second....or weeks away
  3. Saturday Kelsey and I went to see The Time Travelers' Wife. Loved it! I don't think you would like it however if you hadn't read the book. I think it might be more confusing but who knows.
  4. It's so crazy to meet up with friends and then realize the next time I see them will be when they come to visit us and Olivia
  5. I still am not nesting but my hubby is so that's nice! He wiped down all the kitchen cabinets today after coming home from working all day. If I try to do anything too strenuous I just end up with a bad backache so I don't think I will have that nesting thing. I did finish the laundry for her though.
  6. I'm making progress on thank you notes but not fast enough.
  7. Even though I'm not nesting by cleaning the house from top to bottom, I am having hermit-nesting tendencies. I don't feel social and I just want to stay at home. I hear that's normal but mostly I feel like I'm being rude to people because I don't feel like being chatty most days.
  8. There's lots of things I'd like to blog about but I can't for various reasons. Sometimes I think about having an anonymous blog so I could blog about these things but that's too much work.
  9. A lot of you have asked in comments and I haven't answered but no we didn't get another car. Ryan just got the 65 Skylark out and running so he drives that and I have the Corsica. I think it's needless to say we will only need one carseat base.
  10. No I never got the carseat inspected. The national carseat safety day is in Sept though so I anticipate it will be easier to find someone to certify it then without an appointment.
  11. It's way past my bedtime now so I will call this post quits. Goodnight!


Leslie said...

pretty curious about #8.

Allison said...

TOTALLY understand about number 8. Sometimes I think I need an anonymous blog. Or to write a book. Under a fake name.

kmom said...

Gold stars to Ryan for cleaning in the kitchen! Gold stars to you for writing thank you notes and packing your hospital bags! Did you pack things for Ryan too, as some people suggested? I need to follow your lead and get more of my trip stuff ready to pack and I have bunches of thank you notes to write also. Maybe you can e-mail us about #8, but it would probably be better to phone talk. Please keep in mind that during this time you are probably seeing things differently due to hormones, even though you don't think that is affecting you. Remember the times everyone thought I was overreacting to something and from my viewpoint I was not. Love you!

lizcannon said...

i am also curious about #8.
yeah for cleaning the cabinets!!!!
yeah for bag packed!!!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

I think I must hermit-nest all of the time because there are large stretches of time that my Christian spirit leaves me and I need to be by myself. Hmm...perhaps I should work on that. Hope you are feeling well.

Katie and John said...

Hang in there Katie! I know the last few weeks and days can be very tough and tiring. Relax when you can and enjoy the feeling of her kicking and moving. It's weird that I miss that even though Keely is here. Many thoughts and prayers with you and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you and Ryan before she gets here!

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