Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look it's your chance...I'm soliciting more advice!

There were 3 questions but I can't remember the 3rd now so until later here are 2:

1. When did you pack your bag for the hospital? What all did you pack?

2. What laundry detergent do you wash your baby stuff in? I got Dreft at a baby shower and it makes it sound like you have to wash EVERYTHING your baby will touch in it, including ALL of our clothes and the car seat and do you even do that? I've been washing the baby stuff with it so far but don't see any reason to douse my whole house in baby scented detergent.....

3. (I remembered it!) Did you install your first babies' carseat behind the driver or passenger seat or in the middle? Does it matter? Are there advantages to a certain position?


Kat said...

Your belly shots in the other post are adorable!

Okay...solicted advice:
1. I think I had my bag packed at about 37 weeks. I am sure that I brought more than I needed. Because I always do. I had some PJ's and my coming home clothes. Pack something LOOSE and comfortable! I also had a robe. Toiletries.

And then I had an outfit for the baby.

You don't need to bring diapers. Or pads. Our hospital gave them to us. They even gave us extras. And it was not part of our bill. Make sure that your carseat is already in your car and ready to go.

2. Dreft? Ummm...not so much. I have never washed my girls' clothes seperately. They got what we got. And it was never an issue. Never.

Anonymous said...

1. I packed at 37 weeks also. I put in my toiletries, clothes, pads (bring if you don't like hospitals), something to relax me during labor. Then I packed the baby's diaper bag with outfit, diapers, wipes.

2. I have to wash in free and clear because Gavin is sensitive. It really doesn't matter what detergent you use. In fact, my doctor recommended just washing in our detergent. -April B.

Anonymous said...

Never used a special detergent... ever.

I do use free and clear all now, but that is because my mom is allergic to fragrance. So I try to limit anything on us.

Pack a bag... hmmm... I don't think I ever did. Wow... I'll have to think about that!

Lyndsi Robinson said...

I packed the night before...I was induced so nothing spontaneous happened :) I packed socks, a robe (I didn't use), toiletries, comfy clothes to go home in, and an outfit for baby. You get everything they open to use on Olivia...diapers, brush, comb, blankets, even the handy bucket.

I did use dreft for the first year, just his stuff nothing of ours, I don't know if it did anything different, I think regular detergent is supposed to be heavier and not as soft for them, but not sure if it is a necessity!

Michelle said...

They make special detergent? (JK) I never used anything special with Cooper. We packed about 2 weeks out from the due date, (but then you have to just sit there and look at your packed bag, which is not fun.) But tolietries and pajamas are the way to go. Maybe something to leave the hospital in that's a little more decent, but since I didn't loose any weight right away, I left in maternity clothes that I came to the hospital in. We had clothes for Cooper, but my mom had to go buy different ones cause he was so small. Ryan might want some things too! So have him pick out a couple of outfits and something to sleep in! CAMERAS....and I agree about the car seat thing, go ahead and install it, so you know how it works and all that good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I put the carseat in the middle. I felt better with it in that spot in case I got hit in the side. -April B

Kalei said...

we were told that the middle of the backseat was the safest to put it in. as for the detergent, we just used what we already had. and for the bag... about 3 weeks before my due date. praying for you!!


1- I think I packed while I was walking around having contractions, what else did I have to do? =) I took COMFY cloths to change to and a couple of onesies. With Violet I took a coming home outfit, but it was gigantic on her so I changed her out of it after they took her pictures. Hazel didn't get a fancy outfit ( and thus 2nd child syndrome is started). I also took bathroom stuff.
2-Didn't do the special laundry detergent thing. I also didn't wash anything before they wore it. Bad mom award. Somehow they have survived.
3- I put the first carseat behind the drivers side. Mainly because when Troy was driving I could get to her better.

Main thing to remember---Nothing you do can be WRONG! Just do what you feel you need to do. They still let you bring the baby home!!!

Love you. Laura

Leslie said...

hmmm...i didn't think i could contribute, but i just might list what i would potentially, and admittedly very ignorantly, provide the following answers:

1. ipod? laptop? does your hospital provide free wifi? i just visited a friend (b.cancer) who couldn't survive without hers.

2. i used to love the smell of dreft. does it not have a smell?? how could i love the smell of it then??

3. i would initially say behind the driver's seat based on two things:

a. convenience sake for when you're loading and unloading olivia.

b. that episode of the office where dwight sits behind jim in the car, claiming that it's the safest spot in the car...i think because the driver will automatically protect his side first?

told you i was ignorant. :)

Chellie said...

OK.. I don't know any of the answers, but I'm glad I read everyone elses.
I will say for the car seat call the Midwest City Fire Department.. and go by there, they are the car seat safety people. They will check it and make sure it's installed properly/safely. They do that for free. And if it needs any adjusting they do all that for you.

The McDowells said...

Hey Katie,

You already have a lot of good advice, but I will join the fun and answer too.

1. I packed the night before since I was a scheduled c-section. I agree, take your laptop and for the baby, only bring an outfit to go home in, the hospital will give you everything else.

2. I used Dreft with the first two, I really don't know why I did. With Emma, I didn't prewash anything and never used dreft and she has survived just fine.

3. I believe the carseat is suppose to go in the middle since it is safest. With Macy, I put her in the middle and it didn't seem inconvient.

Lyndsi Robinson said...

Carseat, I kept it in the middle until it was time to get the big is much more easier to reach back there if you need to (I know dangerous :) ) and I felt more safe with him there incase of a car accident, but I don't think there is a rule about it.

oh and for your stay we rented movies and clint brought his video games to pass the time :)

Shawn and Becky said...

Looks like you got plenty of advice, but I’ll throw my 2 cents in two for what it’s worth.

I packed ridiculously early, because that’s what I do, and maybe why Cameron was so late? One thing I highly recommend is a robe, you don’t want to be walking around in just the gown as you’re trying to get comfy and avoid the pain. . . and pillows and blankets for Ryan – all our hospital had was a sheet for Shawn, I called my mom to bring him a blanket and pillow from home, it was so much better for him. Other than that just comfy – loose – clothing for the ride home, toiletries, music if you want it, and baby outfits. Don’t forget Ryan will need clothes and toiletries too!

Laundry detergent, we used ECOs on our stuff before Cameron was born so we used it on his stuff too. I had to switch because he was getting rashes and the start of eczema, we now use Country Save on all our stuff because it doesn’t give Cameron rashes. I think whatever you use is fine, but if she starts getting rashes, then look into changing. If you’ll be washing your cloth diapers be careful because some detergents can ‘build up’ on them and then they don’t hold liquid anymore . . . not so good.

Car seat, I put it behind the passenger seat, then it’s easiest for me to reach him and see him in the mirror while driving. And if Shawn’s driving I just take off the headrest and can get right too him. You’re car manual might suggest the ‘safest’ place for it too.

Good luck – hope it helps.

Katie and John said...

Hey Katie!

Can't believe it's getting so close! How exciting!

1. Okay hospital bag. I think I started around 35 weeks and was done be 37. I brought a robe and slippers. Going home clothes for me, my own toiletries, going home clothes for Keely. You might want to pack some snack incase you are there a long time and Ryan (or anyone else) get hungry but can't get out for food. You won't need diapers or pads or anything like that the hospital will provide it all for you.

2. Laundry detergent, it kind of depends on the baby, some have way sensitive skin and if Olivia is like that you will probably want to use a free and clear detergent of some kind, (they normally don't have dyes perfurmes and such) Other than that I wash Keely's stuff with our laundry detergent. Her cloth diapers however get washed in special detergent because you don't want any dyes and such in those.

3. Car seat I think if you can put it in the center that is the best place for it. However if it doesn't fit or whatever I put ours behind the passenger side, that way the driver has more leg space and stuff and its easier to see her. On that note I would suggest that you get a backseat mirror thing (very techincal term huh) Basically you put it on the seat above her carseat so you can see if she is asleep or whatever. Makes it so so much easier when you are driving by yourself and can't see her!

Anonymous said...

1. BJ made me pack my bag some where around 7 months and was in the car for just about forever. I brought way to much stuff and didn't even touch half of it. I didn't wear my PJ's becauase I couldn't raise my legs to put them on and I didn't want to get them all gross and stuff. Bring stuff so you can shower because that felt wonderful after being in labor. And I brought really compfy BIG clothes to go home in. (actually I brought two sets but one didn't fit.) I sent BJ home after Elijah was born to pick out an outfit cuz we didn't know how big he was going to be.

2. We use All Free and Clear for all of our laundry becasue of BJ's skin issues and that is practicly the same as Dreft but with no sent. We washed most of the clothes that we had before the baby was born but now we let him wear it before an inital washing if its not to starchy. We never washed the stroller or car seat covers and he has been good with them.

3. We put our carseat behind the passenger seat mostly because with the way BJ sits in the car it didn't fit anyother place and in my car its in the same spot because of where I park in the garage.

Call if you have any more questions. Can't wait to hear from you. ~Cousin Kelly

Anonymous said...

I have no advice on any of it (been too long for me). I'm just so excited that its finally time you get to start really getting ready for it. Plus I'm extra excited because I actually have my airplane tickets. Now Olivia just needs to cooperate and come on time so I don't interfere with the other grandparents scheduled time. Love ya Mom I

Anonymous said...


Kelsey Craig said...

Katie my dear, it sounds like you got lots of good advice, but I do want to say one thing...

One thing I definitely DO NOT reccomend is waiting to pack your bag until you go into labor. When your contractions start it is nearly impossible to get anything done. I started packing at 7 in the evening and at 1 in the morning when I said "okay WE NEED TO GO" I still wasn't packed. They just keep coming and it is SO hard to concentrate on what you will need AFTER you pop a kid out and aren't in hellacious pain!

And I second what Laura says - nothing you do is wrong. If you don't feel it neccesary to wash the baby clothes in expensive "baby" detergent, then you don't have to!

You will do great! and man I can't wait to see this cute little girl and future playmate for Paisley!

Amanda & Peter said...

Like you havent heard me say all this before

1. packed my bag the day before we left the house. You really just need your shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, facewash, socks, robe (have three if you need one) nursing top or pj's, nursing bra or top. COMFY clothes to 2go home in. some snacks for the husband, your favorite snacks, breastpump some hospitals will show you how to use it, socks, your own pillow if the hospital will allow with a colored pillow case so you know its yours.

2. We washed all we had with drel as well not sure why?? it is good to have the newborn just home stuff washed because their skin is so new and sensitive (thats what we were told) but now i just use it because it was we had and i need to use it all up. We have washed the car seat cover once and tomorrow will be twice. Yes you know why, but if he doesnt spit up much in the car our carseat still looks great after five months. the baby scent is nice but not spend extra money or effort on it. unless you are nesting and want to clean everything.

3. ours is on the right side. because per our owners manual it cant go in the middle. and the firefighters just put it on that side? i guess because if it flies out it will hit the passenger and not the driver????

love you

Amanda & Peter said...

PS be sure to clean out the hospital baby bed. like take all the diapers and anything else that is in there you pay for it take it all.

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