Saturday, August 08, 2009

Maybe it's nesting

I mentioned I did some crafting while house sitting this week and thought I would show off what I finished. Hopefully this week I will finish Olivia's room and then you can see pics of it all set up, but until then this is another sneak peek. I liked the wreath I made for her door so much I had to make a similar thing to hang above the changing table. I'm very happy with it! Although after wrapping all that yarn around, I couldn't bend my swollen fingers in the morning. Pain for craftiness I guess!These are illustrations from an old children's book I found. I'm not sure where we are hanging them in her room yet.I was going to learn how to applique but then I remembered where my husband worked!! I gave them the fabric and they appliqued the pear for me; then I turned it into a pillow! I think it took them 2 seconds and it probably would've taken me 2 weeks. The next posts will probably be about the mother/daughter tea that was this afternoon, and I will try to upload a few of the maternity pics that we had taken by two of our good friends! Don't worry I will give you a warning before I post a shot of my beautiful exposed belly because I hear some of you are squeamish when it comes to pregnancy and bellies.


Allison said...

Looks great!! You are so crafty. We just had a Mother/Son BBQ! How did your mother/daugther tea go? We had a Father Daughter Tea in June. Ryan and I were talking about how if you want to cover everyone, you have to have four events! Maybe next year....

Leslie said...

where does ryan work??
you're amazing crafty lady!

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