Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sip and See

Saturday was the Sip and See (or Brew and View if that sounds more masculine...I think that sounds more like a wake though) for Lo and baby Des so everyone could come oooh and aaah over him. It was a fun time with lots of baby chatter. Here are the lovely hostesses with proud mama, Des, and baby Grady who is almost 3 months old and is the same size as the 2 week old!Doesn't Lauren look AMAZING after having just given birth to this toddler 2 weeks ago! I'm sorry I didn't get a shot of the whole family but Ben did sleep through the whole par-tay. He's a great big bro though. And who wouldn't be with such a cute munchable little brother! I love this little guy!I have tons more pics but I will send them to Lo and let you see them all on her blog. This was just a sneak preview since I have nothing else to blog about, except that I'm still pregnant!! Hopefully not for much longer.....


Leslie said...

what is that little outfit on des?? he looks like such a little man @ 2weeks old! so adorable!

drink & wink
eat & greet
hug & shrug (
ooh!! CHUG & HUG. for those on a time crunch.

ok, now i'm just being silly.

lizcannon said...

that was a tease... i want more pics!!! cute idea and it was so sweet of you to do katie!!!
well, when i heard sip and see i thoght it was tea, and Lo said, ummm no, it was wine and beer, which was way more awesome!

lauren and brad said...

send me these pics!!! so cute!

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